Kara Swisher is on to something

I’ve been following Kara Swisher’s new reporting format and she is on to something.  Her last couple of posts on the Braun and Pepsi deal and her followup post on chatty marketing are really hitting what I see as the big disrputive trend – direct media business models.   This is the future.  Ad models will evolve to be more direct from advertisers.  My vision is that the advertisers will adjust and understand the user experience issue very quickly.  They are motivated to do this if given the chance.  So we see ad supported studios.  We’ll see it in Tech, Business, and Entertainment hell every vertical.

Also I really like the reporting format by Kara writing her normal posts but adding video.  Nice addition.  For example I really enjoyed her last post on chatty marketing but to add more ‘meat’ she put the interview with Facebooks COO Owen Van Natta and ‘Ad Chief’ Mike Murphy on her blog with the story on Facebook.  Very effective.  Hey Kara you’re not a reporter anymore you are a media developer!  This is the future of journalism.

Yesterday I did a phone interview for Dow Jones on Facebook and I talked about all the same points that Mike talked about – Social Media Advertising is coming and from Kara’s interview I plan on calling Mike to talk about the social media ad model that PodTech is innovating on.  Maybe we could see about working together.   Thanks Kara.  This is a part of the social media revolution.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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