NYTimes on Podcasting Advertising – Inserting Ads Don’t Work

There is a story in the NY Times by Bob Tedeschi on the new Association of Downloadable Media (ADM).  Bob mentiones the advertising companies trying to insert ads into the podcast but he forgot about new ways of advertising.  He missed a big trend and it has nothing to do with inserting short ads into the audio (which users are clearly rejecting).  Inserting ads into podcasts don’t work.

PodTech has been developing a social media ad model that works one that speaks directly to the benefits of podcasting (both video and audio) – community ad model.   Blindly inserting generic ads into podcasts don’t work.   There is no strong targeting and behavioral capabilities that make it work well.  That is where the big opportunities lie for the emerging startups like PodTech, Podbridge, PodTrac, Kiptronic, and others coming on the scene.

 Hopefully we in the industry can blend the mass market approach of ad insertion with new forms of community ads.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

4 thoughts on “NYTimes on Podcasting Advertising – Inserting Ads Don’t Work”

  1. John at RawVoice we very clear statistical data that shows ROI is definitively lower for ads “inserted” into podcast we follow the conversational approach midstream along with some other presentation tactics and we have found ROI on well executed plans to be “well” beyond advertisers expectations.

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