Taking it to the Next Level – PodTech Has a New CEO

Update: I am updating this post to anwser some FAQ about PodTech. I was asked to step down without warning from my board members and majority owners USVP and Venrock. One common misperception was the role of USVP and Venrock in this move.  Fact:  USVP and Venrock did not support my vision for the company and forced me to step down as CEO and promoted James McCormick to CEO which I was against.

Update: James McCormick, USVP, and Venrock led the change in management and direction with new funding of $2 million and as I have learned have shut down operation. Since August 2007 I have been not involved in any operations or decision making. Specifically, James McCormick has been and was the most senior executive and McCormick made all the decisions concerning PodTech and it’s subsequent demise.

Here is the official PodTech statement:
Today the company, which I founded two years ago, is announcing a new CEO – James McCormick. James has been the Chief Operating Officer for the past 9 months. In his role he has been setting up the business and operating infrastructure for PodTech. He is being promoted to CEO, and will now take over as CEO to run the company.

On a personal note, as an entrepreneur, I’m proud and excited about the company’s market position, Podtech accomplishments, the people whom I have hired, and overall direction of PodTech. Starting a successful company from ground zero and rapidly growing/establishing the company is difficult and rewarding. I’m proud of the hard work from everyone involved … specifically support from my investors – Andy Kessler, Paul Carney, Audrey Maclean, Jim Anderson, Feng Deng, Laurene Powell,. PodTech has a diverse culture of high energy people. Over the past two years the company has been successful in identifying and establishing multiple revenue models that are scaling viably.

Thanks to all the employees, people I interviewed, partners, and customers that I worked with over the past two years. I’m looking forward to continuing the efforts in a new direction.

Finally I’d like to thank my wife Linda who has been a true co-founder, inspiration, and friend. Raising four kids and doing a startup is a big accomplishment. Thanks Linda.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

40 thoughts on “Taking it to the Next Level – PodTech Has a New CEO”

  1. I hate the auto cut-off of the trackbacks – the important point I was making was that you have worked your ass off and I wish you and all my other friends at Podtech well…

  2. John –

    Great job building the PodTech concept, platform, and brand! Congrats to you and Linda to take the risk to build something, create jobs and stretch technology. Don’t let the minor noise from the blogger/ankle-biters out there dissuade you or rob you of the pride you should feel. This is something you should be proud of accomplishing. Glad to see you are staying on to guide PodTech to the next level. Best of luck to James!
    Cheers – Brian

  3. Nurturing a Startup is a very difficult task and requires complete dedication and focus. John and Linda Nourished Podtech while bringing up 4 kids. Being a father I know, that kids needs undivided attention, I have only a little one and she drives me bananas, trying to take my laptop away all the time ;-). John and Linda, you ought to share some tips with me regarding work life balance.

    Podtech has become a well recognized brand in less than 2 years. Kudos to John, Linda and the A-Class Podtech team for making Podtech what it is today and helping create the ‘enterprise podcast industry’. You guys are doing a great job bringing professional quality well produced content to masses.

    PS: Listen to criticism but my advice would be to ignore those who don’t have at least one startup under their belt. Giving advice and saying nay is easy, building something new is very difficult, so please don’t listen to nay sayers.

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  5. John,

    Thanks for being a trailblazer. The concept of an online tech magazine that includes original and sponsored content is one that has inspired my own imagination. You probably know this better than anyone…ignore the naysayers and doomsday prognosticators. A CEO change is part of the healthy life of any company, and few if any start-ups avoid this milestone. Look at Google and Microsoft as one of a myriad of examples. Those who have been in similar situations, respect what you have built and are glad to see that you will continue to help guide Podtech onward and upward.

  6. John, you are an amazingly bright, crative and resourceful guy. While the change feels a bit shocking to me, I am thrilled to hear that you are staying on board to help develop more great content. I look forward to seeing what comes out of you now that the operational and fiscal burdens are being relieved!

    There are always times and seasons, and the changes that inevitably come are awkward. As usual, you are handling it all with class and character. It is irrefutable that what you and Linda have achieved in the founding of PodTech is a serious brownie button.

    Keep rockin’!

  7. Class act John and in this day and age. Silicon Valley has lost the spirit of entrepreneurship. This is a postive move. It takes guts and financial risk to start a company. It’s always a bold move and to find out you have a large family of four young kids makes it more admirable. The naysayers and even some of the VCs will always be in the cheap seats. Entrepreneurs built Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley and the press used to be different. What you’ve done is about creating value and taking risks to do it. Great job bringing on operational help and you should stay at PodTech and guide them to the next level.

  8. Four kids? Wow! Congrats John and Linda. I’m a serial entrepreneur and now an investor. I have been involved with over 10 startups in my life 20% of them were successful the others all failed. In all of the successful cases this scenario happened. It is not a sign of struggle but success. Struggling is when you see layoffs and missed payroll not the case at PodTech. Growth is something that is either a fast ride or somewhat painful depending on the market conditions. When the direction of a business has to change in order to grow then this is normal. Good luck and other fellow entrepreneurs understand and support your work and success. It’s to be celebrated. John my advice is to let the operational managment do their thing and you go out and start another venture. What you did at PodTech is a big accomplishment especially in this market. Well done.

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