Podcasting is Dead – Oh Yeah That Makes Sense

There has been a discussion among bloggers that Podcasting is dead.  Podcasting continues to be accepted and integrated into the overall media 2.0 mix.  Journalist and corporations are adding it to their content strategies.  Why?  It works.

Proof?  Well just look at these numbers.


The growth is so mainstream that to say podcasting is dead is crazy.  Look for standards to be developed quickly around monetization.

Penetration?  Well look at this chart. The iTunes client has been distributed to 600 million users.



Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

2 thoughts on “Podcasting is Dead – Oh Yeah That Makes Sense”

  1. i think podcasting (audio and video alike) is being called “dead” by early adopters who take pride in considering themselves at the very forefront at all times with the latest new media trends…

    i agree with you. to say that podcasting is “dead” is like announcing the end of the internet following the dotcom bubble. lol. from my experience…and at least as how it applies to me, podcasting has only just begun to make its impact on the audience i’m trying to reach.

    i do think that podcasting for no purpose other than to say you podcast is dead. lol. which is not such a bad thing as more and more people adopt podcasting as part of “mainstream” media, it forces the content to improve and by way of natural selection, weeds out those that don’t have much to say and therefore will be left behind as audience numbers continue to grow overall.

    The China Business Network

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