Semantic Web – Stack Mashups – The Web is a Mess – Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Alex from Adaptive Blue, a semantic web guy like me, puts out a great post again on the subject.  Also Brad Feld chimes in with a followup post and great quote.  Then Jason (independently written) posts on the Data Normalization Services trend.  I love Brad Feld’s quote on his post. He says “The data on the web is a complete mess and getting worse every millisecond.”

We are living in a different kind of mashup opportunity – ‘stack mashups’.  It’s going to be about who can mashup and integrate ‘stacks’ in an elegant way.  As more stuff goes open it becomes more cluttered and more structured.  The opportunity to do something in this area to create a user experiece for the Web 3.0 environment is now.  Google, Yahoo, and startups will capture this opportunity.  If you read the posts from Alex, Brad, and Jason you can see how the dots are connected. 

Time to create a new trend…”Stack Mashups”.  With all the open APIs their is a great opportunity to integrate multiple ‘stacks’ to create a compelling web service.  With more clutter and confusion comes great opportunity.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

5 thoughts on “Semantic Web – Stack Mashups – The Web is a Mess – Opportunities for Entrepreneurs”

  1. I love the “stack mashups” term! Though, to me they indicate something different: a “stack” of mashups (essentially a list of transformations) that are applied to a web page. But I can’t agree more that the ability to integrate multiple APIs / data “stacks” is critical in order to enable the next generation of smart web apps.

  2. John,
    Brilliant post. I think that you just coined the term “Stack Mashup”. This is a very compelling concept that will be a key driver for the modern web or web 2.0. Great stuff.

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