Social Graph – I Disagree with Dave Winer

I respectfuly disagree with Dave Winer on this “Monkey” post on the name social graph. I am actually surprised by Dave’s post. He is trying to oversimplify this new paradigm where mathmatics and computer science will be at the center of all the innovation. Imho the most innovative and disruptive products, solutions, and ventures will be based on new algorithms and math in the social graph area.

In a way Social Network has already been ratified as the name of the collection of people in a environments like friendster, facebook, myspace,..etc. That’s the really problem.

I like the social graph concept. It will be a useful term for the folks who are innovating. Hell why not call it Social Topology or Social Algorithm.

Just don’t call it Social Network. The word Social Network is as concrete as the word Web 2.0.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

7 thoughts on “Social Graph – I Disagree with Dave Winer”

  1. Great, can’t wait for the day when there are new algorithms based on graph theory and if we need a new name then, it’ll probably make sense to me. But right now the social “graph” is a joke, they still haven’t updated Facebook to allow for social relationships that adults have. The technology needs an overhaul, we don’t need new buzzwords.

    Besides, without naming names, I’ve seen so many people use the term that certainly have no idea what a graph is, and I feel sorry for them, being used (yes like monkeys) as mouthpieces for some lazy and arrogant programmers.

    BTW, it’s been pointed out that Facebook originated the term, not the guy who wrote the whitepaper.

  2. Dave: I know that you’re pro-development and comp sci and I strongly agree with your view that the conversation should be on the technology not buzzwords. I don’t mind the name social graph in the context of development and programming. Like you I have become so numb to buzzwords. Who are those people being used to promote it I’d like to know… To me social graph is a concept that should stay in the developer community and it should be debated and discussed so that innovation can occur in developing better technology not another conference.

    I like the notion of laying out social relationship and developing those techniques (math and algorithms) that can create a better user experience.. this is the problem that I have right now… user experience sucks in these social networks… too many steps, hard to use, time consuming – the value is not there yet for mainstream users…

  3. I don’t want to name names, but you know them — I don’t want to embarass anyone because I think they’re being used, they’re the victims not the perpetrators of the hype.

  4. Thanks Dave: I’d like to know who those folks are who are being used. This is a great conversation because I believe that semantics matter in parsing out the areas of innovation.

    Dave Winer uncorks this area because i believe that this will be where the holy grail is … all VCs should pay attention to this conversation.

  5. John,
    Please relaunch your tech interview show. I don’t know what is going on with PodTech but your show and commentary was really good. Not only did you do great interviews but the editorial content was right on. I went back and listened to some of the interviews that you did in early 2005 and it was astonishing that your views and vision were right on the money. In fact I have been following your blog and everytime I see a new post I read it.

    I know that you have many opportunities but you should really blog and podcast everyday. With your vision, technical knowledge, and business savvy you could rival any of the top bloggers and media publications that out there.

    Hope to see you post more.


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