Is Microsoft on the March?

Is Microsoft quietly on the march to crush some of the upstarts in Silicon Valley such as Google, Facebook, Salesforce???- I wouldn’t call Google and upstart.   While many are calling Microsoft done…they might be on a strategic quiet war… unlike 1996-97 the world is transparent and the techniques Microsoft used then to kill their enemy won’t work now. 

Keys to success for Micrsoft resource based competitive advantage:  1) provide countermeasures against the areas they have lagged and 2) offensive on new areas to dominate. 

Countermeasures must allow them to stall and get a position on the following areas: open source, advertising,  search.  Offensive must own the new ‘developer’ areas and new market areas like global web services and media.

If Microsoft loses the developers they are ‘toast’. 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

1 thought on “Is Microsoft on the March?”

  1. Microsoft is too late to crush these startups, if I may. Google is the largest third company in USA now. Also in the CRM space many smaller players such as, Netsuite, RightNow and are innovating in a space that they created. Microsoft not only will they have to innovate, but introduce new things too.

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