“The Don of Blogging” Farber Weighs in on TC Valuation

The ‘Don’ of blogging Dan Farber weighs in on the Techcrunch valuation conversation.  Dan makes some great points.  First he acknowledges that Techcrunch is a solid business which I agree with him on.  You can’t take that away from Mike.  We all have been working the same street for 2 years (Dan much longer).   Second he quietly highlights the audience differences between his blog network and cnet in general.  Dan’s blog network is enterprise focused.  Given that PodTech has been directly developing and covering the enterprise I agree with Dan that the difference is key.  Enterprise content is very valuable. 

Dan writes:  “The numbers for ZDNet, which is part of CNET Networks, compared to TechCrunch are off by around a factor of ten. CNET.com probably does more page views in a single morning than TechCrunch does in a month. In terms of audience size, CNET.com has millions of unique users per day, compared to  perhaps 1 million unique users per month (Feedburner cites 575,000 RSS subscribers) for TechCrunch.”

I’m sure Mike doesn’t like this “inside baseball” exposure that Blodgett uncorked, because it will highlight the economics of his business and it will attract new entrants.  My prediction: the blogging area will become increasing competitive (it has already be pointed out that it doesn’t cost much to get going).  

One thing for certain in the future the brand value matters.   That is what Techcrunch has going for it.  Recently Techcrunch got taken to task by a brutal post from an exihibitor at their conference.  They need to be careful that their own community doesn’t abandon them. 

Forecast: there will be increased competition and consolidation among bloggers.  This market has been validated by users and advertisers.  There is big revenue available and someone will get it.  With Boing Boing going video look for video players to be a part of it (like PodTech).  Exciting times.

Update: Mike posts on his personal blog crunchnotes – he is Wowed… Mike time to do a round.  🙂

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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