Jason Meets Miss Web 3.0 – Trying to Figure out Web 3.0

Jason runs into Miss Web 3.0 and the conversation goes like this…

Jason:  Hi there.  Who are you?  What’s your name?

Miss Web 3.0:  Whatever you want me to be!

I love Jason’s passion.  He is one of those entrepreneurs who makes things happen.  However in his attempt to define Web 3.0 in his blog he comes up real short.  I have been enjoying the commentary on TechMeme.

What is Web 3.0?  Answer: a conference that will be announced soon.  I have the venue already booked.

I have a definition of Web 3.0.  I just don’t want to chime in because it will get me in trouble will all my friends.  That being said Web 3.0 will intersect every sector of content, communications, software, computing, and collaboration.  There will never be a good definition.   We know one thing for certain about Web 3.0 – there will be  conference on it.

Here are some great discussions to Jason’s post.   Nick Carr on an entertaining postFred Wilson hates the concept calling it nonsenseMatthew Ingram as always is informative and entertainingJosh Kopleman puts his views out there as an investor looking for the next implict investment.  

Although I disagree with Jason’s definition, I credit him for starting this conversation – it needs to happen anyway … why not now.   

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

5 thoughts on “Jason Meets Miss Web 3.0 – Trying to Figure out Web 3.0”

  1. Honestly, it was 90% linkbait intended to show how the TechMeme leaderboard is meaningless and the tech blogosphere has become the ultimate echo chamber.

    Do a very tired post about a very tired topic (Web 3.0) and put one word in the title to create an explosion: “official.”

    Everyone back to work.. 🙂

    best j

  2. Jason made his point! I believe that what Jason did is a great example of how early it is in collorative filtering. Right now we are all ape dying to walk erect.

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