Techmeme is Worse Than AM Talk Radio says Dave Winer

Dave Winer just made a very interesting provacative post.  It is laced with some gems on blogging and conversations.  Are the conversations and minds being wasted?  Is Techmeme like AM radio?  I have always been a big believer on the web as a collaboration engine but not to promote rumors and mean spirited activities.  Is there a more productive way to aggregate? 

My favorite text from Dave is at the end of his post….”we’re still getting ready to start a war with Iran, and the stock market is still acting weird, and there are still big ideas out there to pursue, and now Techmeme isn’t even worth reading when the top item on a weekday is guaranteed to be some idiot procliaming himself king of the hill. It’s worse than AM talk radioPermalink to this paragraph

It is so easyto game Techmeme and this is the danger that Dave points out.  The conversation is wasted.  I would agree but disagree in one regard.  The ensuing conversation from posts have value.  I find the followon conversations and opinions to be of value.  The problem is that there is no filter.  Therefore I will create an aggregator of Techmeme.  The signal is buried among the noice.  We need a mechanism to filter the noice.  Gabe if you don’t do this will someone work on this please.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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