Facebook Ad Networks – Is this the Holy Grail?

Joe Hurd from Videoegg, Narendra Rocherolle from fbExchange, Yi-Fang Yen – from AdBrite, and Ro Choy from RockYou are being moderated from Jeremy Liew from Lightspeed Venture Partners.  Jeremy has been on top of the widget distribution market and is an investor in Rockyou.  Jeremy has a great blog if you follow social networking and media.

Demand is high both interest from agencies and advertisers.  Facebook will be the new microsite strategy for the brand marketers.   Viral engagement of applications is key to success for online advertising in social networks.

Facebook lends itself to things that get agencies excited.  To me it’s about the best of contexual and behvavioral targetting *with* conversion.   Possibly the next Holy Grail!  Bloggers today are talking about all the holes in Facebook… My take on it is that it’s very early.  The innovations will appear fast.

Focus areas of advertisers:  1) Direct response and, 2) image & branding.  For developers they are much more focused on being a great user experience with an emphasis on number of “active users” (not just users) – this speaks to the engagement.

Great panel by JermeyLiew who kept the questions crisp and focused.  Thanks Jeremy.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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