Cranky Geeks Guest Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be a guest on the Cranky Geeks show in SF. 


Sebastian Rupley, Co-Crank,

Jeremy Zawodny, Tech Evangelist, Yahoo!

John Furrier, Founder, PodTech

Things we will talk about are:

Sex and Marriage w/Robots by 2050 <>

Google’s Suspicious Social Network Plans <

Universal’s Free Music Plan <

Men Imprisoned for Porno Spam

Unbricking the Bricked iPhones <

TV Giants Square Off with Microsoft

John C Dvorak –What’s Wrong with Open-Source Software?,1759,2197786,00.asp <,1759,2197786,00.asp

Tech Recycling called ‘stupid’ by environmentalist,39024645,39168799,00.htm
DELL:  Microsoft warnings haven’t hurt Linux uptake
AOL to lay off 20% of workforce <
Verizon:  Opt Out or we share your data
Google Unveils Antipiracy tool <
Can chemicals in your iPhone ruin your sex life?
Tumour detecting bra What does Uncle Sam pay to read your email?


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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