Venture Capital Resource AsktheVC – Entrepreneurship Lessons

Brad Feld who was a Mobius has formed a new VC firm called Foundry.  Brad’s a good investor and I’ve learned from Facebook that he has the same birthday as me (Dec 1).  He and his team have a great site called AsktheVC.  It’s a great resource for entrepreneurs who want to prepare to build a great venture.  They don’t post everyday (like sites chasing news) but their post are very strong in value.  Very credible.

Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson are the co-authors of AsktheVC. Brad and Jason have been working together since 2000 when Jason joined Mobius Venture Capital, a venture capital firm that Brad co-founded. They started writing together on Brad’s Feld Thoughts blog in 2005 with their Term Sheet series. After several other series about issues facing venture capital backed companies, Jason and Brad decided to start AsktheVC. Brad and Jason, along with three other partners have recently founded a new venture firm, the Foundry Group located in Boulder, Colorado.

Some topics that were post this past month. 

Sales is a Science, not an Art, What Happens If Convertible Notes Are Called By Angel Investors?, Should Venture-backed Companies Require Non-Competes?, Ad Revenue Models, The Wizard on Early Stage Board of Directors, Should Startups Invest In Patents?, What Are Typical Employment Contract Terms and Severance Benefits for a Startup?, more at the site. 

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Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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