Did Digg Miss Their Window?

Did Digg.com miss their window of opportunity?  I think that Digg might have lost it’s edge from it’s height in popularity over a year ago.  It is reported on Venturebeat that a banker has been hired Allen & Co. to sell Digg.  Does this mean Digg is giving up?

Digg blasted on the scene with huge growth in audience, but lately there is speculation that they are becoming less interesting.  The founders spun off another company called Revision 3 which recently scored $8 million in funding.  Then Kevin Rose started Pownce a twitter clone. 

Did the founder’s loss focus and miss their window to sell?    Should they have sold earlier?  We’ll see.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

5 thoughts on “Did Digg Miss Their Window?”

  1. John: you’re right on. I think Digg is becoming less important. I don’t use the site anymore. I used to use it all the time but now there is so much content out there I rarely go to Digg. They should sell now.

  2. what is Digg’s traffic numbers? I’d be curious to see how they have been trending. I think that twitter and other tools take the midshare away from Digg. Good post.

  3. I find that Digg is a boys-club for geeks. I find the site boring and echochamberish. They have been trying to go mainstream but I still like the NY Times.

  4. Digg is a decent site but I’ve lost interest in them. I think that it would be a good buy but not if I didn’t get access to the founders. It’s a weird deal from an M&A standpoint. If the founders have three other startups brewing then I wouldn’t be confident in buying it. Hell there are digg clones everywhere now. I’d just get one of them and buy the traffic.

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