Stopping a Civil War – A Civil War is Brewing

Why I like Dave Winer – Timely leadership in the face of controversy.  Dave Winer is not my friend.   🙂 I’ve met Dave many times and have come to know his views and his “friends”.   He’s ten years older than I am and we disagree on many things (like the Amazon DB post) and agree on many others (like fair use).  I’ve notice one thing that is predictable about Dave.  He likes to make things happen and he says what is need to be said.  He’s a catalyst and an architect for getting things done.  He’s also has radical views in a good way.

Today he writes a great post on this fair use flare up.    This is what I like about Dave.  He gets involved and demonstrates leadership when it’s needed.  He rarely profits from it (at least directly).   He understands the pressure points in the emerging tech sector and mobilizes people around it – unconferences are a great example of it. 

Everyone is complaining about Lane Hartwell’s decision to ‘stop the music’ on the Richter Scales video – I think that it was a bad move.   It has caused alot of bad feeling in a time where we need to lighten up and celebrate life and Feed the World.

I support Dave’s flash conference and I think all creative people need to get behind this.  Creative Commons wasn’t meant to limit creativity but extend it. 

Dave cuts to the chase and points out the core issue:  Dave says “It’s a real mess we’re in. Bloggers are supposed to be radicals when it comes to fair use and copyright, but that generalization doesn’t work with many creative people. Hartwell’s position in some ways is like the RIAA or MPAA, who bloggers often dismiss as clueless. How can we have it both ways? How can some defend her position yet not defend the entertainment industry?” 

This is leadership in action.  This fair use issue isn’t going away and the industry needs to address it now sooner than later.   


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

6 thoughts on “Stopping a Civil War – A Civil War is Brewing”

  1. Great post. I haven’t seen this analysis on it but I like your analogy. It’s a civil war. Look at the writers strike. Evidence is all around. This is a big problem and it is causing major polarization between what should be aligning forces. Thanks for pointing to Dave. I don’t follow him but I agree with his views. Radical is good in this case.

    Keep the posts coming.

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