Startup Strategy – Hiring Engineers and Developers

Alex at Adaptive Blue has a great post that is a must read for entrepreneurs building a startup.  I would love to hear Brad Feld  chime in because he has great experience in this area.

This is a great topic. The debate is  what’s more valuable the code, utility, or user value.  I’ll add my opinion – in this day and age it’s about utility which translates into user value. It’s not about the code til you need to scale.  Protypes are the new ‘beta’ -nice headling for a post – run with it Alex. 🙂

In most web 2.0 startups there is a vision but it isn’t clear what the user value it yet because it is changing with innovation and the market.  To me it’s about fast development which is inconsistent with the view of ‘code snobs’.  I agree get a great technical cofounder and core team.  Then on a tactical note code fast to get proof points on the core value proposition then scale it. With scale, code does matter.  However you need to know what you’re looking for for proof points – traffic, subscribers, whatever the utility is of the core ‘thesis’ of the app is.

Great topic and post from Alex.  It is worth reading the comments and the links. 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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