Blognation Editors Will Survive – Tris Joins Jeremy at B5media

Allen Stern, who lately has been blogging hard and is climbing to the top of the tech blogosphere, breaks the story about former editor of blognation Tris Hussey joining Jeremey Wright at b5media.  Congrats to Tris who rebounded in no time. 

Last month I broke the story on twitter about the blognation implosion.  It is no secret that I am evaluating the opportunity to rollup Blognation.  I liked their big vision but didn’t like their tactical execution.  I believe that having country editors and scalable infrastructure to support it makes the concept a billion dollar opportunity.   They didn’t architect the venture the right way – plain and simple.

Blognation may not see another day but the concept will live and the existing editors should have jobs very quickly.    It will be interesting to see how the blogosphere evolves post Sethi-Arrington war and the resulting blognation implosion.

The blogosphere has been experiencing ‘civil war’ lately.  In my opinion this is  ‘growing pains’ due to a huge surge of growth coming.   I believe that the blogosphere is about to break out and grow exponentially in the next 24 months.  International is the big growth area.  The world is flat.  That’s where it’s heading then I wonder what the A-list will look like?

When I talk about the blogosphere I’m not talking about just content bloggers but I’m talking about infrastructure.  Blogging networks are infrastructure based not content based. 


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

13 thoughts on “Blognation Editors Will Survive – Tris Joins Jeremy at B5media”

  1. Firstly, I would like to extend my agreement to your last sentiment on infrastructure. Blognation had a great theoretical infrastructure on paper, though as you mention execution did not match the promise of the plans. I think no more analysis is necessarily needed now on that type of level, in relation to blognation (the why’s may be valuable some day soon).

    One thing that has always concerned me about the web, and possibly the blogging community most, is that so much is tech focused. Even as a techie, I would find it slightly anxiety-inducing if the Times of London, or the NYT, began to dedicate one day’s edition to issues only related to that paper.

    I guess my point, in a nutshell, is that we need more blogs on RL topics, as well as tech, to help expansion.

    Oh, and yeah, Allen is top of the line – totally agree 🙂

  2. @Matt: The tech blogosphere isn’t the only blogosphere. Click around. There is a thriving American political blogosphere, completely different in its genetics from the tech world, for instance. There’s one completely devoted to baseball, that has a different sort of hierchy and structure, too.

    That’s why I completely agree with Furrier on this being the tip of the iceberg for blogging’s expansion. The business models used on the tech blogosphere have clearly been the most successful (far more successful than, say, Huffington Post, which only recently turned a profit).

    As such, I’ve long been of the opinion it’s time to start exporting the Tech blogosphere’s business model to other genres of blogging. Time to start snapping up smaller blogs and start forming networks.

  3. Mark: Funny you should say that, since that’s b5’s model (really, really simplified). In fact we do far more traffic in areas like Beauty, Entertainment, Video Games and Business than we do in Tech because it’s simply a larger audience.

    John, thanks for the congrats on Tris. I’ve known Tris for ages and having him back in the b5 family is fantastic!

  4. the blogosphere will see a massive growth surge in 2008 & 2009.

    The problem with the blogosphere is the tech crowd who think that they own it.

  5. Technology blogs are just a small echochamber. Blogs will never beat mainstream journalism. Why? They aren’t good enough.

    How can blogging grow as you say when social networks are what people want to join. Not some blog.

  6. I knew you had the vision John which is why I was looking forward to seeing if you could pull it off, and make Blognation or a like minded group flourish. I agree with most everything you say in this post and look forward to seeing what may come of these thoughts. I for one would love to be a part of an organization like that.

    I also congratulate Tris not only because of his involvement as a business partner of mine, but because he is a guy that truly need this break and as a result of his professionalism and personality I knew he had the ability to hit a home run wherever he landed.

  7. please shoot me. Finally we see a prediction in this time of the year.. predictions are supposed to be bold. John hat tip for the big bold prediction – blogosphere will bust out this year …nice. If it comes true then you’re a super genius. We all know you are a genius.

  8. I find this post very facinating. What are you smoking. Blogging is dying and social networks are hot. I think your views are correct but swap out bloggers and blogging networks with social networks and we’re ok.

    Either way both are infrastructure. I’d argue that social networks are more infrastructure than blogs duh.

  9. John Furrier and Sam Sethi’s Blognation. What a great pair! John bid whatever you have to and secure Blognation. I can’t imagine a more deserving fellow to retain the remains of that media property. You and Blognation belong together.

  10. Anon 11 and 12: blogs are social networks not media properties. the reason why bloggers get slave wages is because the monetization strategies are upside down. The reason why techcrunch makes so much money is that Mike Arrington is a smart guy who knows how to make money. He’s the exception not the rule. Mike turned his blog into a branded publishing media property. If bloggers try to force it then it doens’t work. It either has to be build from the ground up or built by buying traffic (or both).

    I’m not bidding on Blognation because it is a mess and I have never made contact with the liquidator there. I’m not touching it. That being said I love the mission of an open source based global blog network. Think Wikipedia meets blogging.

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