SF Tiger Killings – Where is the Outrage? A Tiger is Dead

Police shot and killed a Tiger at the SF Zoo in the heart of San Francisco on Wednesday, saying it posed an imminent threat to hundreds of people.  It killed one and injured two people.

The female cat sparked alarm after it was first reported by Zoo officials she had left her cage.

Given the highly populated setting, police and wildlife officials said, a police officer was given the OK to shoot the cat.  Authorities stressed that attempting to subdue it with a tranquilizer dart would have been too risky because it can take half an hour for the drugs to take affect.

“You’re just putting more people at risk if you tranquilize a Tiger and it takes off,” said state Department of Fish and Game spokesman, whose agency approved a permit to kill the Tiger as a public safety threat.

“It usually takes at least 20 or 30 minutes for the tranquilizing drugs to take effect. At that point, (the tiger) can be highly unpredictable,” police said. “That’s why we don’t as a policy tranquilize tigers to remove them.”

He added simply: “Tigers are very difficult to catch.”

The animal “was a huge threat to public safety,” and what would happen if a tranquilizer was used was just too unpredictable, said the SF Police Detective. “It was dinnertime for Tigers and people were around ”.

The Tiger killing capped a morning of anxious drama for city residents unused to big-game hunts.  

Why am I writing this?  Because a mountain lion was killed by Police on my yard after my dog treed it. The community went nuts on the local police saying that they should have used a tranquilizer. 
I hope that this can put an end to the debate that if a big cat is loose it needs to be put down.  To this day I am thankful to my dog and Palo Alto police for shooting the mountain lion that was stalking my kids (who were 2 and 3 at the time).   

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

One thought on “SF Tiger Killings – Where is the Outrage? A Tiger is Dead”

  1. I totally understand what your saying when your children are at risk of a Mountain Lion! But on the other hand I am an animal lover and Tigers are by far my favourite, they should be protected not slaughtered, I just can’t belive that they can kill a female Tiger when there are less than 50 in China and only 1000 in India, there must be another way and if not how in the world could a Tiger get out of captivity in a Zoo amazes me, maybe Zoo’s should have a better system for when they’re animals somehow escape, or they could upgrade the Zoo to make it stronger and more safe!

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