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LiveBlogging CES – A New Year, A New Blog – Self Financing My New Business January 5, 2008

Posted by John in social media, Technology.

As some of you are aware of, I am working on a new startup around online advertisting for social media. The product won’t be ready for sometime.   In the meantime I will be consulting on social media and blogging full time to self-finance the startup.  My New Years resolutions are:  1) blog full time to finance the new venture and create podcasts to supplement the blog – Furrier.org, 2)  share sponsorships with other bloggers, 3) spend time with my family, and 4) live a healthy, reduced stress life. 

This blog Furrier.org will post stories on breaking news, trends, and in depth analysis.  I will be covering the business of technology from here in Silicon Valley.  I will start by LiveBlogging CES this year for my new blog Furrier.org.

I remember two years ago when it was just me and engadget covering keynotes and floor activity.  How far things have come.  Here is a picture from January 2006 CES of me interviewing Morgan Freeman.


Morgan asked me if I thought I was a “real reporter”.  I asked him if he was really “God”.  We both had a good laugh.

I really missed the boat at PodTech by not incorporating a direct blogging strategy to our audio/video media work back in 2005.  I think that PodTech could have been a bigger player (like Engadget and Weblogs Inc.) if we blogged.  In starting my own site Furrier.org I’ll be blogging hard and adding audio/video interviews to supplement the blog stories.

You will see me all week at CES in and around the PodTech / Seagate BlogHaus at the Bellagio.  As the co-creator of the BlogHaus I am excited to see it become such a force in the CES community.  It shows that the community of blogging and video press are productive and credible in reporting news and events.  At CES the BlogHaus is the “new” press community resource.  It’s the uploading station for CES for video production.  It is the place “to be” to share your views and news around CES.  You’ll see Todd Cochrane of GeekNews Central, who last year pumped out tons of videos – Andru Edwards too. 

BlogHaus is the new standard for social media at events.  See you at CES.

I’m looking forward to connecting and interviewing all the storymakers and trendsetters.

Disclosure:  Note regarding the PodTech Network:

All opinions are my own and as of Oct 15 I am no longer employed at PodTech Network – the company that I founded.  I am not involved in the current strategy and day to day management of PodTech and as a stockholder of PodTech I am biased toward their success. 


1. anonymous - January 5, 2008

.org domains generally refer to non-profits. ;-}

2. Furrier.org - January 5, 2008

I had Furrier.com and furrier.net in 1996 but lost the one year and it was grabbed by a cybersquater. I’ll be blogging here initially and then maybe move to a hosted CMS wordpress.org. I am toying with the ideas of broaddev.com as my url for my consultnig and my blog being http://www.broaddev.com/blog

.org doesnt’ mean non-profits anymore. Those days are long gone every since ICANN got screwed over years ago… Hell .TV is a country. Go back to icann.org and see the history or ping Susan Crawford. She blogs in NY and is the guru on Icann.

3. Mike Allan - January 5, 2008

Good luck John. Have you thought about creating sub-domains instead? ie. blog.furrier.org or blog.broaddev.com?

4. Brian Solis - January 5, 2008

Hey John, looking forward to seeing you in Vegas.

5. Furrier.org - January 5, 2008

Brian, see ya in vegas. I have so many meetings -trying to schedule them in my BlogHaus. 🙂

Mike: Yes I have. However I am looking for a web developer who wants to partner on site work and hosting…

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