Among CES Clutter Yahoo Has My Attention. Jerry Yang Making Changes

As I swift through the maze of stories at CES, I’m bombarded by messages from all the big players in HD displays, computing, connectivity, home, gadgets.  Then I notice that Yahoo is quietly making subtle moves.  No big keynote.  No big production.  No stars.  Just Jerry and David.   What’s the big deal?  Yahoo is quietly moving into position to be competitive.  No 100 day plan.  No pressure.  Yahoo is the underdog.  Jerry Yang is trying to bring Yahoo back into a competitive position.   

Yahoo is in trouble if it doesn’t make any “bold” moves.  Bravo Jerry for taking the helm.  I’m cheering for you.  I have to admit I love Yahoo.  Like many others I’ve been a user since the beginning, but I’m using Yahoo less and less.  I wrote a post yesterday that my 12 year old son doesn’t even know or care about Yahoo.  Yahoo has no value for him and apparently others as well.   Fred Wilson agrees with this new generation trend as he points out in his blog. 

Rather than go into detail on Jerry Yang and Yahoo’s CES message, I’ll link to the best coverage here at CES:

Dan Farber, Between the Lines – Jerry Yang offers sneak peak of Yahoo’s future: Life!

Eric Savitz, Tech Trader Daily – CES: Yahoo’s Jerry Yang Talks Up Yahoo! Go! 3.0, Letting Any Developer or Advertiser Build “Widgets”

Bier Dudley, Seattle Times – Yahoo heats mobile platform war, may “open” portal.

My opinion: Yahoo is smart to downplay their moves and play the underdog.  Yahoo is under intense competition on all sides – entertainment, search, social networking, mobile, and media.  Yahoo has the assets to leverage a strong position in the new ecosystem of the global web – hello data debate..  Lets hope that their product and competitive strategy doesn’t fall short.  They have my attention.  Right now Yahoo’s product strategy and stock price are stalled.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

4 thoughts on “Among CES Clutter Yahoo Has My Attention. Jerry Yang Making Changes”

  1. Yahoo needs to pick up the pace of their reorganization and product changes. They need to give the street confidence that they will be a player in the new Internet or as you say John the modern Internet. I sold Yahoo a long time ago. If I see movement backed by product strategies that create new revenue and attract new users, then I’ll buy some stock. The message that operational efficiency message will help me on the day trading front – no long term play there.

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