Mogulus Video Live – World Audience

I am talking to the mogulus podtech bloghaus live stream.  200 people on now.  Swearing an all – no cersorship.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

21 thoughts on “Mogulus Video Live – World Audience”

  1. Thanks for moderating the Bloghaus today for those of us not at the show, John. Appreciate you taking the time and of course to the podtech folks for providing the video.

    (even if you didn’t get my 420 joke)

  2. hi john–screen finally updated to show your post. thanks for your great work… really appreciate it. have a great evening and take care–york from yorktown, virginia

  3. Furrier, I kept waiting for you to put the $500 voice recorder in between your legs, drop it on the floor, and exclaim that this was the most expensive shit you’ve ever taken.

  4. Does anyone at podtech or scoble realize the missed oppertunities?

    A combination of bloghaus and live broadcasters on the floor could have offered a better coverages than most television networks. And if it the live viewers could have asked questions directly the networks could have been surpassed.

    If someone had done a little planning and marketing.

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