Finding The Next Google – We’re Getting Close

Everyone has been looking for the next Google — well at least here in Silicon Valley.  When I saw this article the first word that came to my mind was “validation”.  I’ve often been called crazy for saying that the next Google will come from media not technology.  It’s becoming clearer that this is happening.  Advertising dollars move based upon who can understand user behavior.  Google did it with web pages in Web 1.0, but now in Web 2.0 it might be a media company like NBC Universal. 

Media Content networks (TV networks, corporate networks, studio networks, event networks, etc) will be a viable business model.  It is known that venture capitalists here in Silicon Valley reject the notion that content is a viable business model.  However, this NY Times article by Matt Richtel validates the idea of Microcontent as a business model.  My original intention with PodTech was to create a content platform business.  I did not have the opportunity to finish what I started (My VCs removed me from employment at PodTech last summer – PodTech is now focused on breakeven cash flow positive and is very close to achieving that goal).   

At Adtech in NY it was clear to NBC’s Beth Comstock that the big networks, studios, and advertisers were formulating their plans around emerging Internet content business models.  NBC Universal is clearly focusing on this now.   Hey Beth, NBC could be the Google of the media business if you move fast.

It is my opinion that Microcontent is the best online advertising business model – why?  It’s the contextual keyword for the media business.  What Adwords and Adsense is for Google – Microcontent is to media networks.  Microcontent targets the audience, and provides the best opportunity to deliver the smartest marketing information from both behavioral and contextual advertising.  If you add in the ‘flat’ global Internet then you have the ability to sell global, regional and local ads.  This is huge.  It is the future of online advertising, because now video ads once only made for broadcast TV can viably move to the web at scale. 

How fast will this happen?  It is hard to tell, but I’m watching HD as the key variable for this timetable.  Specifically, the timetable is highly correlatated to the speed at which Intel, AMD, Adobe, and Microsoft move to achieve the computing and web display technologies such as flash players, widgets, xbox,…etc.  (The other variable that I’m watching is too crazy to talk about in public at this time but it has to do with video).

This is opportunistic news for web 2.0 content folks and emerging indie networks.  Tip of the hat to Matt Richel of the NY Times for getting IMHO one of the biggest “little” stories coming of CES.  

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

10 thoughts on “Finding The Next Google – We’re Getting Close”

  1. John, amazing post. Where did this come from? I really like your vision of the media business. I think that you are on to something. Targeted ads in media are key. You throw in the gem of one company buying global, regional, and local ads. Can you expand on that? Also how is microcontent as you say the same as adwords and adsense?

  2. John, I first heard you touch upon this angle at the breakfast meetup last month at Oracle and what you describe is exactly what I see happening. For us at The China Business Network, it is all about building the content and community that develops around that content that is the core focus of what we’re doing. Technology and Web 2.0 are more tools than drivers of our overall plan as our business model involves more than just a website and will include “traditional” TV show, conferences and event print publications in support of the niche content and community we develop around it. Thanks for summarizing these trends you’re coming across. Very valuable info.

  3. John, great post. I have a feeling Google is watching these same metrics and will make some kind of bid to own up the successor before the successor takes flight.

    The VCs will switch gears on content model viability by end of 2008 I figure.

  4. John,
    Technology VCs don’t do content but there are many who only do content. The question is can silicon valley beat silicon alley in this new media centric world.

    Great post. Don’t forget YouTube but I don’t think they can pull it off. Google runs YouTube now.

  5. John , I love your association with the new micro communities as ” Indie Networks” ..I know that name will stick and you deserve the credit. These Indie Networks are built from accepting community members with a sincere focus. Advertising and commerce build from this foundation would generate more secure results then casting a large net . This is our own trout farm with lots of strong healthy fish to learn from. Good seeing you at Oracle and will connect to you soon. Cheray

  6. John, great post. A few thoughts:

    How the new internet content gets searched, branded and presented is going to be a great evolving battle between the content owners, search providers and cable companies. The television companies lose if, in the end, the only place their logo can be seen is in little plastic letters on the TV.

    In addition to changing the game in broadcasting and advertising, microcontent has the potential to break the rules of content syndication.

    Content quality becomes even more important to break through the exponential clutter.

  7. Great post regarding the future of advertising. I had to read this post three times. Thanks for sharing. Media that is created and its viral distribution can tell me alot about the demographics. I’m curious about the implications to Google and Youtube in regard to search.


  8. The question on my mind is how scalable the contexual access will be. Keywords are easy and seemless. I do agree with you. I use my iPhone and flash players all the time and search and navigation is nonexistent.

    Thanks for the post. I’m now going to subscribe.

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