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LiveBlogging MacWorld – Steve Jobs Keynote Coverage January 15, 2008

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Eric Savitz of Tech Trader Daily is live blogging MacWorld. Eric summarizes :

Stock update: -$7.04, or 3.94%, at $171.74.

  • So that’s it. What we did not get: 3G iPhone, 3G in the Air, tablet Mac, more storage for iPhones and Touch. Updates on iPod sales or Mac sales.
  • Quick review: The Air is an amazing looking laptop, but seems a tad pricey. The new Apple TV with downloadable movies without a PC certainly enhances the appeal of the device. The movie rental store is a good add to iTunes, but not unexpected. The biggest surprise is the Time Capsule device, but I’m not sure how much it moves the needle. Solid new stuff…but we never got the “one more thing” that might have driven the stock higher. More analysis to come later today and tomorrow.
  • One final note: clearly, the Street was waiting for the “one more thing,” maybe a 3G iPhone, or something else surprising. But Apple didn’t deliver it, and the stock’s slide has picked up steam since the keynote ended; AAPL is now down $9.50, or 5.3%, at $169.28. All eyes now turn to next week’s earnings report.

    My take love the small form factor of AIR. Outside of the 3G phone I think that the Apple TV Take Two is the most interesting.


    Besides Eric my favorite live blog coverage from Macworld is:

    Dean Takahashi – TechTalk with Dean

    Engadget – Pioneered Liveblogging

    Coverage of the MacBook Air

    Apple MacBook Air – Engadget

    Details on the MacBook Air: digg_url = ‘http://digg.com/apple/The_Macbook_Air’;

    Apple just announced the .16-inch thin MacBook Air — a laptop so thin it fits in a manila envelope. The new machine features a full-size keyboard and LED-backlit 13.3-inch display with built-in iSight, and the new larger trackpad supports multi-touch gestures. Just like the iPhone, you’ll be able to pan around, pinch to zoom, and rotate with two fingers, and move windows with a flick. Apple got the size down by using the same 1.8-inch 80GB drive that’s in the iPod classic, but you’ll be able to order a 64GB SSD as an option. The Air eschews optical media, but there’s a separate external you can snag for $99 and Apple’s also announced a feature called Remote Disk that’ll let the Air get data off the optical drive in any PC or Mac running the Remote Disk software. Pricing starts at $1799, and the Air will be shipping in two weeks.

    Gerald Buckley aka gwhiz has the man on the street reaction from Oklahoma.  Gerald has a good read on Mac news.  Great insight on the cable modem connection.


    1. Gerald Buckley - January 15, 2008

    Was just ichatting that if the Time Capsule had spec’d out with a cable modem connection (as an option even) I’d have sprung for one RFN. The missing One More Thing… big disappointment.

    Glad to have a refresh on AppleTV and iPhone OSs. Both welcome news.

    2. Furrier.org - January 15, 2008

    Your blog has deep insight. I’m linking to you above. Great stuff

    3. Video of Apple MacWorld Steve Jobs Keynote « Furrier.org - Business & Technology Blog - January 15, 2008

    […] Other bloggers live blogged it as well.   Apple also announced new improvements for viewing itunes media in the living room (about time guys). […]

    4. slendertone - June 28, 2008

    Nice site. I will add you to my ‘blogroll’.Caty-Slendertone flex

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