Steve Jobs Silences the Tech EchoChamber – Twitter Can’t Scale

We all know that Steve Jobs loves big mainstream media and dislikes the blogger tech critics. Today, Steve Jobs cast a spell on the twitter community and silences the early adopter influencers also known worldwide as the echochamber.

I am a big fan of twitter and it’s role in the global media operating system that is developing. During Steve Jobs’ keynote at MacWorld, Twitter proved that it cannot scale. Twitter has been up and down over the fast few months with ‘system upgrades’ but today it failed on the big stage. Web 2.0 media is such a kludge. It’s needs a solution.

It looks like we are back to using old school techniques like watching the Macworld Steve Jobs video, emailing friends, and commenting on blogs. We’ll have to wait for a better twitter and better aggregation.

We need a Media Operating System to scale large events at a low cost!

Ever since I first conceived and designed the PodTech BlogHaus franchise at CES, I’ve been watching how covering live events are changing. We will soon see the emergence of a “Media Operating System” fully based upon IP. The innovation will be a massive shift away from the current kudge silo’d solutions. Over the past two years, I have been seeing a framework that would be able to cover these ‘monster’ world events at a very low cost and large scale – Media Operating System. I hope that we can get something finished soon.

My fellow blogger, Paul Kedrosky (who writes great tech business posts), talked about this scale issue. He says “Yes, you can spend your way out of this problem with fat data pipes, mirroring etc., that just takes something economical — web media — and makes it uneconomical. The web will never be a mature live mass communications medium until this scalability problem for breaking news goes inexpensively away. ”

Bing bing bing… nailed it Paul.

It’s both a software and operating system problem – Google get on this now please and add this this to your communication agenda … twitter is just a feature.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

7 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Silences the Tech EchoChamber – Twitter Can’t Scale”

  1. Steve Jobs commands the respect of mainstream media. It’s funny to watch the bloggers try to fight for that one crumb. It’s comical.

    There isn’t one original story coming from bloggers. They are ambulance chasers

  2. Twitter is guilty of many under the covers design mistakes, some severe security flaws, and etc.

    If the team had thought through some of the basic clustering and scaling issues that well published at many websites and forums, this might not even have become a discussion about ‘spending iron’.

    They are a green team, and it shows. And, BTW, scalability expertise is easy to buy.

  3. Yesterday was the day Web 2.0 crashed. Twitter went down, live blogging didn’t work at crunchgear, scoble went to a magazine, and the ny times was blogging… wow.

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