I’m Tracking Another Yahoo Bomb Coming – Yahoo Going Open – Well OpenID

Yahoo is making the move to open up.  In the first of a series of upcoming announcements Yahoo is opening up.  Today they announced Open-ID support.  Larry Dignan digs into this post with the best analysis so far.   Techcrunch had the write up first and now the story is gaining ground in the conversation-sphere.

Yahoo has been getting my attention since CES but this post I wrote on Monday to Jerry Yang is quietly getting forwarded around (looking at the my blog log data). 

Something big is coming from Yahoo.  It’s a rumor and can’t be confirmed but another bomb is coming from Yahoo. 

Open-ID is huge for the industry.  It will enable cross platform (site, social network, ..etc) to leverage their user data and analytics.  This will increase the ad revenue for sites and provide great ROI data for advertisers.  It has to be noted that Yahoo is leading here. 

Now Yahoo needs to join OpenSocial.  Hmmmm


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

2 thoughts on “I’m Tracking Another Yahoo Bomb Coming – Yahoo Going Open – Well OpenID”

  1. you are really on to something. Yahoo is showing signs of boldness.. I wonder if their moves are signaling the trend in online advertising. If yahoo joins opensocial as you are suggesting then facebook and myspace have validated the web 2.0 movement

    Loving your post they are great reads at the airport! Thanks.

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