Tech Stocks STX: CEO Bill Watkins – He Gets No Respect

Bill Watkins has Seagate pumping but he gets no respect from Wall Street.  Cnet’s Charles Cooper has a very good interview and story with and about Bill Wakins, the CEO of Seagate.

I’ve been doing an earnings podcast with Bill for most of the last 6 qtrs and have watched how he’s managed to keep Seagate focused.  He’s navigated Seagate through price wars, product changes, big acquisitions, and now a sagging Dow.  He’s like Rodney Dangerfield of tech stocks – “he gets no respect”. 

Here are some of the earnings podcasts that I’ve done with Bill Watkins.  The best part of web 2.0 media is the historical record or archive.  Lets take a listen to Bill over the past two years.

Here is the CEO Bill Watkins – story since 2006.  On the record with me on his company and his performance.   With Seagate generating over $700 million in cash, over $500 million in free cash, no inventories, and double-digit growth, what will it take for Wall Street to wake up.  Bill keep on podcasting. 

Earnings Q1 2008 – Brian Dexheimer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer sat in for Bill Watkins

Earnings FY 2007  & Q4 2007 – July 2007

Earnings Q3 2007 – April 2007

 Earnings Q2 2007 – January 2007

Earnings Q1 2007 – October 2006

Earnings FY 2006 – August 2006

June 2006 Bill Watkins

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2 thoughts on “Tech Stocks STX: CEO Bill Watkins – He Gets No Respect”

  1. Seagate is the best at making platter Hard Drives, but there is so much investment in SSD’s it’s only a matter of time before they become history.

    Remember I told you the the Patriots would meet the Giants in the Super Bowl, it’s going to be a great game.

  2. Paul,
    You called it. I like the Giants since I went to many home games at Giants stadium. These are my two favorite teams. It is a great matchup. Bummed to see Farve not get there.

    It will be interesting to see the outcome as the SSD evolves. I hope that we don’t see the irrational behavior that we saw way back when the ‘winchester’ drives burst on to the scene. Boy I’m dating myself there. If you recall there was a huge overinvestment in drives as part of the 1st wave of the computer revolution in the early 80s – it was a drive bubble.

    The thing that impresses me about Seagate is that if this SSD becomes a bubble then the company with the best operations and management will win. Seagate has shown strong operational management. Lets see if they can keep pace on the product side. We have also seen that Seagate isn’t affraid to do big acquisitions and integrate them fast with success (Maxstor).

    Go Patriots

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