Microsoft’s War: Google is NOT Netscape. People: Please Stop the Comparison.

Joe Nocera of the New York Times writes that Microsoft is really a tired competitor.  Not sure I agree that Microsoft doesn’t have the weaponry – under the right battle plan I think that they can compete and surpass Google.  What I am sure of is that Microsoft will not “kill” Google.    Nevertheless, Google isn’t Netscape. 

Although there are many differences between Google and Netscape, the big difference is that Google is a multifaceted cash producing machine and Netscape was a one trick poney – the browser.  Netscape was an easy target for Microsoft at that time.  Today, Microsoft is fighting a different competitor.  Google has great cash flow and control of the most coveted market –  online advertising.  This fight for Microsoft is to the death.  Microsoft is the underdog not Google.  A case can be made that Microsoft is the Netscape and Google the old Microsoft – the tables are turned.    It’s going to get bloody.

 As I mentioned yesterday Microsoft is officially waging “War” against Google, Microsoft needs Yahoo.  Why?  Two reasons:  it’s search position and it’s user base of registered users.  The rest of Yahoo will fall into a product group or get ‘whacked’.   If this buyout goes down in Microsoft’s favor , then there will be a ‘ton’ of collateral damage at Yahoo.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

2 thoughts on “Microsoft’s War: Google is NOT Netscape. People: Please Stop the Comparison.”

  1. Collateral damage. Well said. I totally agree with you on the war analogy. Microsoft must get bloody. This is strategic for them and the timing is now. If Microsoft waits too long they might miss the window to stop Google.

  2. Number of layoff’s to increase if MS completes the acquisition, perhaps up to 5k of fat. And yes, the motive force that powered the hope of many ‘little engines that could’, will dry right the heck up.

    Everything about Yahoo’s mid-level technology leadership was right in place. They had vision, enthusiasm, and the kind of sunny optimism that you need in a valley where suits block the tracks.

    Everything, almost to a ‘T’, was the fault of a management gone awry. Shame on you Semel, Decker, and Yang for destroying one the Internet’s august properties and feeding to the lions.

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