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Wanted: Any Yahoo Social Networking and Social Graph Product Mgrs and Engineers February 13, 2008

Posted by John in Technology.
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Attention Fresh Ex-Yahoo employees or future Ex Yahoo employees.

I am looking for product and engineering startup employees for my upcoming startup. This is a pure startup opportunity in Palo Alto. I’ve been working on this new opportunity with my wife Linda.

Consider this an open call for Yahoo entrepreneurs who know social networks and social graph technology: I’m looking for product managers and engineers for my new social advertising startup.

For more information read through some of the posts here at Furrier.org

I also posted on Techcrunch comments as well.


I saw Susan Mernit at the Yahoo campus today while I was attending the SDForum Social Graph Search Developer Event.  She was bummed.  Wait I’d say more stunned.  Susan blogged about it here.  Susan is a good person who takes pride in her work.  It must have been a surprise.  Susan: lets get together next week.  I’m happy to share with you the months of research on the landscape.  Ping me if you need anything.

Another employee named Ryan twittered the layoff.   Randy Farmer who I met when Yahoo launched Yahoo 360 (their social network beta) blogged the surprise layoff.  

Hello Web 2.0 Real Time Communication.  I hope that we can use these same tools for Real Time Collaboration and get people back to doing great work.


1. John Breslin - February 13, 2008

Hi there – maybe see you at the WebCamp event on Social Network Portability next month – in Cork, Ireland – seems like it may be of interest to you:


2. Furrier.org - February 13, 2008

Thanks John. One of my interest areas is the collaboration benefits of social networks and the tools within them. The combination of “smart software” and social networks is a dream for software architects and software scientists…

Collaboration is at the center of this major benefit. The old saying working smarter not harder applies to benefits of global collaboration within optimized social nets.

Me personally I have been making progress on attacking and solving the “relevance” problem in social networks.. and user experience benefits from that..

Bottom Line: I’m looking for people to work on two problem or opportunity areas in social networks and social graphs: 1) relevance and 2) user experience

Solve those the ad dollars will come flying in🙂

3. Catherine Holahan - February 15, 2008

Hi John,
Catherine Holahan from Business Week. I’m working on a follow up of people using social media to rebound and quickly get a new job after getting laid off. Would love to talk about your Feb. 13th post. My email is catherine_holahan@businessweek.com.

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