Naked Bloggers: Don’t pull your pants down if you want to be influential

Susan Mernit has a post that makes you think about the A-List bloggers and a new trend called stalkerati.  Susan is right these lists don’t mean much.  Mark Evans made a good point that bloggers are ‘beta junkies’.

However, those posts made me think about the dynamics of the so called A-List.  These days what makes a person influencial verses say popular or well known.

Jason Calacanis had a post the other day and was talking about being popular or A-List – there is  a difference of being known and being influential.  As more bloggers enter the scene there is a hunger for attention.  At first attention was based upon how good you were or how good a blogger’s content was.  Now the hunger for attention can hurt influence.

If someone pulls down their pants at a large event they will certainly be remembered but not necessarily be influential.  If they keep doing it they will be popular to many for entertainment reasons.  Never will they be influential.

If you look closely at the A-List you can see who is on the ‘pull the pants down’ side and the ‘influential’ side.

Attention isn’t influence.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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