Entrepreneurs Only Group on Facebook – Targeted Affinity

8 months ago I set up a group on Facebook called Entrepreneurs Only- it has 264 members of only entrepreneurs as of today.   What is very interesting is that it isn’t the number of people signed up but the quality.

The group isn’t active but people seem to be signing up.  Groups on facebook have become spam lately – I get emails from groups to promote this or go to that event.  No real work gets done classic signal vs noice problem.  To much noice coming from these social media tools.

I wonder what the engagement level or engagement level could be in these targeted affinity groups – if they are indeed targeted.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

35 thoughts on “Entrepreneurs Only Group on Facebook – Targeted Affinity”

  1. John, I am not incredible active in groups lately, less so because of the spam than because of so many other irons in the fire. For me, Facebook groups have never been the most cohesive of social groups.

  2. I signed up a while back but generally am not very active in Facebook. To me, there doesn’t seem to be much worthwhile going on. Maybe the ‘Entrepreneurs’ group is so quiet because everyone is out doing things 🙂

  3. I think groups on Facebook always started out as more of a badge of honor than a tool to facilitate discussion.

    Also, I feel like the group has to have even more of a focus have productive conversations.

  4. Here as well, although there seemed to be little activity on the group when I joined. I was active for a while, but my comments didn’t lead to much discussion, so I stopped writing. I’d be up to being more active if a) didn’t have so many irons in the fire b) there was more social engagement in the group.

  5. People signing up but not participating indicates latent demand. The interesting question is, of course: How does one leverage that demand and get conversation going? It’s sort of the same problem with any “new product.”

    bob wyman

  6. I am not very interested in joining groups, in general, but only in working with people on issues that are important to me; and the two don’t overlap much, and almost never on Facebook.

  7. Hi John,

    I apologize for being lethargic with regard to this group. Susan Bratton got me in and her interests only lie in the most intelligent spheres. I will check in before week’s end to share a variety of thoughts relative to being an entrepreneur and the posts you’ve made.

    The dynamic of a group is like the high seas. You have a port destination though it sometimes requires more tacking than you expected!

    Here’s to the white water coming up on the bow!

    My best,


  8. I agree with Stowe Boyd. I joined the group to support you, because I consider you a friend, and because Stealthmode Partners helps other entrepreneurs. I am a strong believer in collaboration, so if you chose to do something collaborative, I’d participate. However, I find that Facebook groups are mostly good in name only.

    My blog http://blog.stealthmode.com
    I blog about companies we are engaged with at FastCompany.com

  9. hey, got your message.
    I’m not in a position currently to create activity, only to participate every now and then if it happens..

  10. Hey john,
    The main problem is facebook isnt good in getting you engaged into group.
    I wish we had another place to discuss matter and engage each other since I think facebook is a huge time drainer.
    I limit myself in logging in facebook twice a week and thats it, guess my facebook group engagement is taking a big hit as a result.

  11. agree John,

    Passive could be superseeded by interactive groups and events,
    Geographically centric events could be superseded by web centric ‘virtual’ events.

  12. John further thoughts,

    We have been using a collaborative ‘beta’ tool with our architecture students at rmit university and it has been very positive for group engagement and sharing of knowledge within the learning community.

    check below.


    username: demo
    password: user

  13. Hi John!

    I’ve grown dissapointed in Facebook and hardly venture (phun) there anymore. After trying to start a discussion (with zero responses), I’ve not checked back often.

    I’d love a more serious place to collaborate at.



  14. Hi Everyone Keep the comments flowing. I’m getting private responses to my email which is fine and I’ll keep those responses confidential.

    Facebook is not delivering clearly.

  15. I had considered starting a group on Facebook for our web Video shows Gardenfork and Real World Green, but I’ve never seen much activity on the groups that I have joined on Facebook.

    They are, at best, good for sending out notices of events. My real-time social networking group / excuse for meeting for a beer group, BKLN 2.0 has a group on Facebook, but no activity, again, I use it to send out notices.

    When deciding how to form a community of viewers of our shows, I found that:

    1. Gardenfork.tv and RealWorldGreen.com viewers, for the most part, don’t use Facebook or MySpace. Those that do are in the minority. Many are leery of these sites.

    2. Facebook is too big, and there is a lack of intimacy ( for lack of a better word ). I think our viewer community would get lost in the wash of chatter that is Facebook.

    We launched a community site ( http://thegreenhouse.gardenfork.tv ) on Ning, and it has worked very well. Its not a giant group, but it is a very involved group. Its like a small social club where conversations happen.

    Furrier followers are, of course, much more tech adept than most, but I think human nature is universal. Ning or other platform might be the answer.

  16. I haven’t ever seen Facebook groups work well. But as a medium for somewhat publicly visible 1:1 communication (sort of a restricted twitter), it’s become extremely sticky – for some of my friends in the college/high-school generation, it’s acually become easier to make contact on facebook than on email.

  17. I am a co-founder of a startup called Convos (currently in beta). We built a RIA to better create, interact, and manage groups.

    Think of it as an outlook-like interface dedicated to organizing groups and your affiliations with them. The idea is to spend less time jumping around just to see what’s going on in groups.

    In FB groups, there’s too many other things competing for your attention.

  18. I also think the interface of facebook groups is not totally conducive to disseminate information among entrepreneurs (or any productive group).

    SBA.gov is a great resource but it is not comprehensive. I would imagine something like a part wikipedia part LinkedIn would do the trick. With such a large group (200+ members) as you mention I would imagine there are a lot of domain experts. Ask.com is another good model for finding information as there are people who are pseduobloggers/pseduo-article writers.

    BTW for any of you entrepreneurs that do mostly freelance work check out my product: http://www.voInvoice.com to keep track of expenses and revenue (and also to collect $$ electronically)

  19. Hi John — there are a number of Good Things that I might hope for in a collaborative group of entrepreneurs, particularly if the trust level among members were high. High trust=openness and openness=interesting conversations about real business. Real business=worth my time. I would love to participate in an active community of trusted entrepreneurs.

    BTW — my new company is emmet labs. Still not publicly discussing its product…soon, though. Soon. 🙂

  20. Hi John,
    Many people only read their Facebook messages once in a week or less, as I did now with yours.

    I find that groups on facebook aren’t easy to use, much of that is because you have to remember to look at that group. I have joined a big list of groups, and as such, i really don’t want to browse through them all.

    I actually prefer it when groups send me a weekly message about a topic, event or just telling what is going, on which we can reply. Actually I wonder if groups have a rss feed, that might help engagement.


  21. I like Facebook, but find it difficult to engage people on the site. Seems like something for kids. I do have a group called the MeetingPlaza.

    Its a virtual room for real time on-line meetings and collaborations. Maybe we could connect it to the Entrpreneurs only page. That would definitely spark some interest and engagement….!

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