Breaking News: Google CIO Douglas Merrill Quits Becomes President of EMI

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Update: People within EMI are saying that they are lining up mainstream media exclusives for tomorrow either NY Times or WSJ and want to kill all blog coverage.

More brain drain at Google. Google CIO Douglas Merrill quits and becomes the president of EMI. I just confirmed from a source that Douglas Merrill sent out an email resigning from Google to join EMI as president. Word has it that he will be figuring out the next business models for EMI.

Douglas Merrill

Going to EMI is interesting in that the music industry is trying to become more relevant in their business models.

More as this develops. Here is Douglas Merrill talking about innovation at Google – now he’ll be at EMI trying to figure out innovation in an industry that needs innovation.

All Things D has the story. I like the quote that John P found…

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33 thoughts on “Breaking News: Google CIO Douglas Merrill Quits Becomes President of EMI”

  1. it’s confirmed in that he sent emails out to folks and confirm with sources in LA. Lets see if he can bring innovation to EMI who are stuck in quicksand with their business model…

    I heard that he has had ambitions much higher than what Google offered

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