New Sheriff in Town – Dan Farber New Editor In Chief at Cnet

Tom Foremski writes a great story on the new editor in chief at Cnet – Dan Farber.  Tom lists the changes that Dan is making at Cnet. 

Cnet has a big advantage over everyone else right now for three reasons:  1) Dan knows the business both old school and new school (blogging), 2) they have the infrastructure, and 3) they know how to put out massive amounts of content.

I talked with Dan last week about some of the changes at Cnet – he said that the big goal is to just coordinate the systems -hmmmm …. translation: cnet will keep pumping out good content in volume and will start cross linking;  What does this mean … Look for cnet to parlay their strong reporting and analysis capabilities with blogging infrastructure.  Look for Cnet to become the new leader on the Techmeme Leaderboard. 

Maybe the line “There is a new sheriff in town” applies here and his name is Dan Farber.

Here are some highlights on the changes at Cnet under the leadership of Dan Farber (source Tom Foremski):

-Different CNET departments now publish using the same template.

– Publish a story as quickly as possible, edit it later.

– Stories are updated constantly.

– Adding the right keywords and tags to make stories discoverable by search engines. About 40 per cent of CNET traffic comes from search engines.

– Use Internet standards whenever possible.

– There is no end to the work day, you are always on call.

– Everybody blogs.

– Create synergies between news, reviews, analysis, and blogs.

– Getting journalists to put in web links to non-CNET publications. “It’s about being part of the web and not separate from it,” he says.

– Carrying a pad of paper and pencil is not enough. Journalists also take photos, videos, and make podcasts.

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