War of the Web: Advantage Microsoft over Google

My friend and investor Andy Kessler puts out a great Opt-Ed piece today for the WSJ called the War for the Web.

Andy knows a thing or two about technology and big platform trends. He was documenting the PC revolution at Morgan in the 80s and made tons of money for his investors running a hedge fund with many successful investments during the Web 1.0. He nails it with this article.

Andy breaks down the analysis of the Yahoo Microsoft battle (really a War between Google and Microsoft). I see Microsoft’s moves as pure competitive strategy because as Andy points out the battle for the key corners of the ‘future Web’ is unsecured. Expect this War to continue. Advantage Microsoft.

The big fight is for the following core elements that are unsecured by any one vendor: 1) Cloud, 2) Edge, 3) Speed (of new services integration), and 4) platform. At the moment, neither Google nor Microsoft, or anyone else, has nailed down cloud, edge, speed and platform.

Andy goes on to say..”The continuing battle between Microsoft and Google will mean fierce competition – adding features, building data centers, cutting deals and spending money on speed and customer convenience. That’s the way to move technology forward. It’s great to see Microsoft with some fight left in it. Not only hasn’t the Internet yet matured, it’s becoming an ever-more high stakes game.”

Mr. Kessler, a former hedge fund manager, is the author of “How We Got Here” (Collins, 2005).


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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