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Social Media Test: Find the Holy Grail – Advertising 2.0 – Attention Social Media Marketers – watch this May 8, 2008

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Social Media Test: Find the Holy Grail. It’s hidden in this video.

For all the social media marketers out there you need watch this video. Why because of all the noise out there in social media this video panel discussion is the most relevevant information for you.

The future of marketing will be impacted by widgets – this is what the Slide CEO Max Levchin didn’t want to say in front of all the people at Web 2.0 conference. This is where the holy grail is.. Sparing me of writing what the holy grail is ..I’ll just post the video and see if you can fish it out..

It’s a kind of social media test…

Key Players:

Hooman Radfar, CEO & Co-founder, Clearspring Technologies
Kevin Freedman, Vice President, Finance & Operations, Slide
Eric Alterman, Chairman, KickApps
Dan Riess, Vice President, Marketing and Ad Solutions, Turner Broadcasting System
Sun Jen Yung, Managing Director, Investment Banking, Oppenheimer & Co., Moderator


1. lacking35min - May 8, 2008

I tried to watch the video, but was snoozing by the time the panel was talking about advertising in proper context stops being advertising when it starts becoming content . . .

Perhaps you could provide a hint as to at what time spot in this 35 minute video the truth is unveiled?

2. John Furrier - May 8, 2008

there are many gems in there 24 mins in is a good part

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4. Front Line Gal - May 9, 2008

Isn’t the “holy grail” in how you enticed many ppl to watch the thing?

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