It’s Official It’s No Longer the Hewlett-Packard Company

It’s a done deal EDS is now the services arm for HP. Back when I worked at the Hewlett-Packard Company from 1988-1997 it was a growing company it was the ‘old school’ HP.  So much has happened in 11 years.  First iCarly came in and destroyed the Bill and Dave culture with massive changes to the organizations, failed PriceWaterhouse deal, and the bloated Compaq deal.  Here we have Mark Hurd in the midst of an operational turnaround pulling the trigger on a massive combination.  This might just be the end for many of the ‘old school’ HP execs.  I hope HP can retain some of that innovation legacy of Bill and Dave.  HP needs to keep folks like Ann Livermore.

HP is such a different company now and with this EDS deal – HP has officially transformed itself into a modern 800 pound gorilla in the computer business.  The old HP that I knew is gone.  Hello the new HP.

I think that this is a smart move and gives HP strength in numbers and service deliverables.  This will secure the enterprise business for a long time.  However, I still scratch my head at why HP isn’t being aggressive in the web services online consumer space.???

I wonder what’s next for HP on the consumer side???  hmmmm

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

4 thoughts on “It’s Official It’s No Longer the Hewlett-Packard Company”

  1. I’m also nostalgic for the old school HP, though I’ve never had much opportunity to work with the org. EDS I did have and marvelled at the … efficiency and cost savings.

    There are many things I like about EDS, and there are many things I like about HP. Unfortunately, I have a feeling the things I don’t like about each will be magnified by this aquisition and the things I do like will be diluted. At first anyway.

    Generally, I can’t wrap my mind around organizations of this size (100,000 people +) coming together and being a better organization without losing a lot of the people that make those organizations great.

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