Facebook CEO Responds to Rumors – Stresses They Won’t Be Sold

Facebook is saying that they want to be independent but it’s what they aren’t saying that’s very telling.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stresses in a Reuters story that Facebook will not be sold. In response to my blog post of the rumored Microsoft move post Yahoo Search buy this week, Mark denies any deal.

The fact that he is so defensive creates an interesting posture for Facebook. Coverage is so deep on this possible Microsoft Facebook move that something is brewing and fast. I think that it’s a good move for Microsoft to make a bid for Facebook. A Microsoft Facebook combination puts a credible force to compete with Google. Many of the bloggers agree this is a good possibility for both Microsoft and Facebook.

Facebook’s recent moves say alot about what’s going on. For example Facebook is so afraid of Google that their move to shut down Google’s Friend Connect is their version of a ‘save me cry’ except it’s a cry to Microsoft. Their move to shut down Friends Connect is like Yahoo saying to Google save me from Microsoft. Now Facebook is basically saying Microsoft save me from Google.

All unfolding.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

12 thoughts on “Facebook CEO Responds to Rumors – Stresses They Won’t Be Sold”

  1. Two points. 1. he’d be a fool not to sell and gain $20B to develop with going forward. 2. a sale to M$ would immediately create angst with FB members and the mere thought that M$ is buying FB to exploit it for revenue would create a member-retention problem for M$. Because of #2, I believe Zuck when he says no sale to M$. He cares about his legacy with FB and the FB brand. M$ has deep pockets but isn’t the right suitor IMAO.

  2. Bauer: like Kara Swisher pointed out to Yahoo re: not taking the money a similar situation is in play with Facebook.

    Go it alone or merge with Microsoft. Arguments can be made on both sides. There are upside scenarios for both players on the Pro side and many factors on the Con side.

    In this market I’d say sell for $25billion plus cash plus $25 billion for stock performance for employee incentives. In SV it’s all about minting millionares so there is an argument that Microsoft is Facebooks IPO.

  3. Agree that Facebook needs an IPO strategy and $20B is more than a good start. MS is a good exit financially, esp. with such a vaporous revenue model that FB is built upon. Take the high valuation when you get it, eh? With that much do-re-mi Mark can do a lot of innovating going forward. And being a part of the MS+Yahoo Search+FB makes it an interesting proposition. But it strikes me as the sort of mega-vision big companies often feel compelled to do rather than just do what they do best. MS will not reinvent the internet, nor will they tame it into a closed network that they control. $50B is a lot of coin. I just don’t see MS being able to maintain the FB mojo as members run for the door toward something other than MS. Like the final scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Facebook would be like a crate filled with a wonderful object going into a gigantic Microsoft warehouse never to be seen again in all its glory.

  4. .. screw Fookbook and the horse they rode in on! they disable REAL accounts, telling people they are NOT ‘recognized real legitimate names’ and keep people like : Letme Kickyurbutt around.

    I hope MS does devour them, and change the WHOLE scenario around, putting the butt heads behind the customer review out of work.

  5. One of the biggest features on Facebook is the photo. This social networking service is now a ‘host’ world’s largest online photo. This makes up for Facebook to develop their newest features are. Most recently, Facebook will introduce features automatic face detection.

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