Social Media is Web 2.0 – Relationships – New Linchpin for User Value

Mike Arrington weights in with his opinion of social media. He makes a relevant (pun intended) point – content spewing is clutter that creates noise which in turn makes relevance harder to filter. Timing couldn’t have been better with Jeremiah weighing in on what he sees as the big trends in social media.

Let me break this down – participation and interaction is key (as Fred Wilson and Mike Arrington point out). However Chis Saad, Alex van Elsas point out – it’s personal and about motivation of users. It’s about Relationships.

It’s about RELATIONSHIPS in context to the user ‘s behavior.

Web 1.0 – USER paradigm – self service was at the heart of the user experience

    1. search/browse
    3. information
    4. action

    Web 2.0 – USER paradigm – everything remains the same except instead of self service (which is now a full blown user norm) it’s about relationships
    1. search/browse
    3. information
    4. action

    RELATIONSHIPS are at the heart of the user experience.

    Big Trend and Opportunity: the need for the creation of the key utilitiy for users around their relationships (the holy grail for advertisers and new startups). It will be in the form of new filters in the contextual and behaviorial area around relationships and information.

    Just like in Web 1.0 it was in context to the web page and keywords in search. For Web 2.0 we will see a multidimensional approach to context and behavior centered around relationships – to content, people, data, ..etc.

    At the end of the day the value to the user will be the same as Web 1.0 – getting information and taking action. However, instead of self service being the linchpin for context and behavioral value to users, a new linchpin will be based upon relationships.

    Whoever makes the users value proposition of getting information and taking action faster, easiers, and simplier will win.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

6 thoughts on “Social Media is Web 2.0 – Relationships – New Linchpin for User Value”

  1. Excellent post John, you explained that very well. I will be stealing this completely of course as I try to explain what the value is of Social Media.

  2. usenet? forums? chat rooms?

    I don’t buy this “the community/relationships came with web 2.0” talk.

  3. Mark H,
    not sure I understand what you don’t buy.. sure usenet, forums, chat rooms..all valuable and unsearchable. 30% of user discovery is from search. Also those environements are silo’d and not real time.

    Corporations who deploy register only environments will fail to attract users who want ‘trust filters’. Relationships translate online now unlike forums, usenet, and chat rooms which were one dimentional. All the web 2.0 tools promote high velocity of sharing and linking – must more real time then the old environments.

    Value in real time an asychonous communications will be of interest to users in the form of new filters and ‘search like’ context.

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