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YouTube is TV For Everyone Under 18 – AppleTV You Are Still In The Game June 6, 2008

Posted by John in Technology.

Home Run Palo Alto Little League Alec Furrier 7th of Season

Testing cross posting from YouTube. This is my son’s homerun during his last little league game.

My observation is that YouTube is the new TV for anyone under the age of 18. It’s interesting to see how many of my son’s school mates and baseball mates are watching YouTube.

YouTube’s problem is that the production value stinks. It’s a search result. They should create a production studio to develop new style web programming.

Note: in this post I posted from YouTube but it didn’t fill in the Title to WordPress.com (a bug)


1. Dan... - June 20, 2008

John — congrats on the slugger…as a little-league age dad, that was fun to watch!

my girls are a tad younger and focused on soccer…but they’ve already landed Gatorade as a sponsor😉 http://danrua.multiply.com/video/item/2/Gatorade_Girls

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