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Yahoo’s New CEO Mark Cuban ? It Would Work – He’s a Maverick June 17, 2008

Posted by John in Technology.
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Kara Swisher has a post on the short list of CEO candidates for Yahoo. She is assuming that Jerry won’t make it. I think that he’ll last even though everyone wants his head.

That being said Kara brings up a great candidate that isn’t a wildcard in my mind – Mark Cuban. I’ve had the chance to get to know Mark over the past few years – we even did a podcast together way back when. He has the attitude to move Yahoo fast in a good direction. Translation: he isn’t afraid to say what is needed to say, do what is needed to do, and recruit the right team to dominate a market.

Forget his enterpreneurship background and his aggressive in your face personality (which I don’t mind at all), he has done something pretty amazing lately. He bought and turned around a NBA franchise in the Dallas Mavericks – and he did it fast.

What relevance does that have? Well pro athletes have huge egos, get paid big bucks, and are high maintence – but their good (hence called pros). The business deals in big swings and big money. All of this sound like Yahoo?

Plus what sweetness it would be for Mark to come back to Yahoo after his stint there post broadcast.com.

Mark: The question for you is… would you take it?


1. Frank - June 17, 2008

I’d rather he buy the Chicago Cubs.🙂

2. David - June 17, 2008

This speaks more to my insomnia than anything else but the first comment when TechCrunch posted on the NYTimes article about Jerry’s future as CEO was from me throwing out Mark Cuban’s name. The reason I put him into the search committee bucket and not CEO is because I don’t sense its a job that Mark would want. However he might do a fabulous job at influencing the selection to bring a mindset that aligns with his.

3. Alan Wilensky - June 17, 2008

First, John, I love that your site here loads like the wind.

Second, to your article about Mark Cuban:

Four categories of CEO –

Risk Taker

Cuban is a risk taker, what Yahoo needs is a surgeon to cut out the dead flesh and fix the ailments.

4. David Dalka - June 17, 2008

I’m with Frank let Cuban have the Cubs…

I gave you some other ideas in my post.

5. A Big Fan at Yahoo - June 18, 2008


Don’t sell yourself short. You should be on the short list for Chief Yahoo.

I have been reading your blog for months. Your ideas could impact Yahoo’s bottom line. Your posts on social media, social networks, social marketing, social business models, and social revenue opportunities are pure genius.

A Big Fan

6. John Furrier - June 18, 2008

Thanks Yahoo big fan. Yahoo certainly needs a maverick to mobilize their talent. They have some big weapons. Last thing they need is political management.

I’m against taking out the founder in ventures but certainly they need a product focused strategy that can provide a lever in the changing internet market.

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