What’s Going On at Furrier.org with Sponsorship – It’s a New PR Firm and Search Engine – Furrier.org

Here is a great post on mashable by Steve Hodson who talks about sponsorships on blogs. As readers of my blog know I’ve been bullish on sponsorship for years now. Bloggers are soon to become their own ad networks.

One more time I repeat (like starting right now) – Bloggers will be their AD NETWORK. (not good news for John Battelle).

Steve’s post is very timely because last Saturday I announced sponsorship on Furrier.org. I’ve been getting great feedback since I quietly announced that I am taking sponsorships on Furrier.org. I also had some questions and concerns from some of the bigger players.

Here is what is going on with my sponsorships and what it means.

What Does this Mean (Why Sponsor Furrier.org)
Furrier.org is an opinion blog in technology and business. It’s basically me – so the platform is a new kinda PR firm and search engine. I’ve traced my social graphs and the reach is significant. Great for certain sponsors. My blog is a small (but influential) node in the technology media graph (google trends had me in the top ten techmeme last night). Sponsors will benefit from working directly with me but my users will have full transparency.

Why blogging matters. Bloggers are natural search ‘robots’ – subject matter experts who index their territory and filter stuff out … Look at Jason Calacanis and his new venture – going down this road of human collective intelligence. The most successful bloggers are human vertical knowledge machines. – they have to be.

I talked about Bloggers being the New Navigators at my keynote at MIT – Brave and Free Web – that was feb 2007. Now one year later I will boldly say that bloggers are the future search engines.

What is important about bloggers is their relationship to ‘group social graphs’. Bloggers naturally navigate the social graph of their affinity group .. the big names bloggers are certainly known but their success comes from peering with the other little or less known bloggers. I agree with Scoble who has long said that the little guy is just as much an A-lister. Scoble knows this because he collaborates and give credit to his social graph (the little guys). He knows the importance of the little guys and they know he knows – it’s a great cycle of collaboration on the production of content side. However, there is another dynamic from this type of collaboration – a filter. Blogger interaction and collaboration creates a filter for users to follow – that’s where sponsorship come in. It’s pretty powerful.

Blogging is collaborative and it benefits both bloggers and users.. Bloggers are navigators for users through their interactions, coverage, comments, knowhow about what’s going on. Bloggers are the NEW PR firm and the new vertical search engine.

What’s the roadmap – It starts with sponsorships. I’ve done this successfully with Robert at Podtech and have many more examples of how this works. Sponsorships work.. this is just the beginning there is more opportunity to do more beyond just sponsorships …

Blggers have social graphs and soon they won’t be using ad networks – The bloggers will be the AD Networks

Whats going on with Sponsorships on Furrier.og:
I am taking 4 sponsors only. I’ve already have 2 of the 4 spots secured with a few others in the pipeline. I’ve accepted 2 companies. I turned down 4 companies. I have been turned down by one big company (I won’t say their name, but they have every social media consultant working there now).

My sponsorship model is a different kind of sponsorship. It’s new and innovative. If innovation scares you or turns you off stop reading now.

My new sponsorship model is like getting a automated PR firm, search engine, analyst, media creator, and SEM all in one. The new social web has new dynamics and I’ve discovered how to leverage them. I am taking it to the select sponsors. It’s innovate and certainly in today’s social media circles non-standard. Will it be accepted. For sure.


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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