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New Blog – Unified Communications, Virtualization, Security, and Web 2.0 June 23, 2008

Posted by John in social media, Technology.
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Last week I launched a new blog around Unified Communications at BroadDev.com. BroadDev stands for Developments in Broadband or Broadband Developments. I’ve been interested in Unified Communications for sometime and see it as the ‘real web 2.0’. With mobile, voice, cloud computing, virtualization, security, and web 2.0 (twitter, ..etc) a new paradigm is emerging around presence, identity, web operating systems, service based software applications, video, and voice – unified communications.

It’s an open project that takes the collaboration of a bunch of my friends who are bloggers and matches up with top conversations and analysis in the area of Unified Communications. This is a growing and confusing area. We will do our best to track it and provide navigation and discovery around this growing market of 2.0 convergence.

I’m partnering with UCStrategies.com, Alex Lewis, and a handful of bloggers to call them as we see them in Unified Communications.

We’ll be producing social media, covering news, and laying out opinion pieces at BroadDev. Feel free to join and contribute.

I will continue to write opinion stories on technology here at Furrier.org

Come collaborate and comment on Unified Communications, Virtualization, Security, and Web 2.0 at BroadDev.com.


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