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Not Supporing an OS on a PC? What the Hell is Wrong with Intel June 27, 2008

Posted by John in Technology.
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I woke up this morning to the news that Intel is moving backwards. Are we at the end of the Moore’s Law?

Has the Internet Operating System displaced Intel primary asset – the CPU?

Intel not supporting an OS on the PC? Am I reading this right?

Will cloud computing kill Intel core value proposition?

Is the company confused?

What the hell does Intel Inside mean?

To many questions?

On the debate on Vista and Intel falling behind by not supporting it. All bullshit. Fact is Vista Sucks! Everyone knows it. Why should Intel risk dealing with all the support nightmares. They should push back on Microsoft if Microsoft develops a crappy product.

I’ve had many private conversations with Intel people about the state internally. The word is that there are camps divided on what to do. They grew up with CPU focused engineering mindsets. Now the world has changed. Intel was known for think bold and being bold. Andy Grove used to be paranoid but very aggressive.

I am curious to see how Intel goes over the next year.


1. Alan Wilensky - June 27, 2008

The answer is native JVM or Hypervisor with just enough OS like support for local storage and device support to get RIA’s running. On the server side, BEA is already doing this with whatever for J2EE.

All Apps as a Service, all local resources as trim as possible.

2. Paul Puri - June 27, 2008

While I agree with you that cloud computing is a great contender for the future of operating systems, the bloatware that is the standard right now is not going away as soon as we would like. People still use their OS as their primary workspace, and Twitter and Facebook are not enough to pull them away from it. And Vista does not suck, it is just more of a service pack then it is a full fledged OS. People don’t see why just added security and better search and navigation should justify a new release.

3. empyreannotes - June 28, 2008

Actually, I’ve owned an Acer with Vista Home Premium and have had fewer problems the XP. I read so much about how terrible Vista is, and yet, I’ve had no experience with that kind of trouble.

I’m no Microsoft apologist, trust me. To have one OS to rule all is counter productive to real progress. Eventually, it will work out because no king rules forever.

I mean, what does “suck” mean? Does Vista perform operations on a computer that, first, don’t work; second, work slower than XP; or doesn’t fulfill a wishlist that would create a super duper pooper scooper operating system.

While I don’t write code, I do teach online to students all across the country with no tech problems (on both ends), buy and download music legally, buy and download videos legally, have an MP3 player (Zune 2.5 firmware update), a Canon digital camera, create newsletters, use all kinds of publishing programs, and read and write all the time. Does this make me a tech expert? Well, I would say most definitely NOT. But, I do use the computer and the net everyday, all day and half the night, and really, I ain’t got too many complaints.

Just get wait for the next doodad to come out.

4. Ed - June 28, 2008

it’s the same old story with Microsoft. They create bulky, uncreative, over-complicated weirdness, what’s it gonna take for them to change? Why would they anyways though, despite all of their ineptitude they still are a monopoly for the most part. They just need to hire a couple of fresh minds out of MIT or something and totally regroup with a new OS.

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