Social Media Secret Sauce ? It’s all BS – The Best has Yet to Come

Jason Heller writes a great post on Social Media. Jason starts his post with the following.. “Are you a traditional marketer or agency person, or even a digital agency person who is frustrated at the new crop of “social media elite” who claim that they know all the answers? Or…are you a social media marketing maven who is frustrated that the rest of the industry just doesn’t get it?”
There is so much bullshit being thrown around in Social Media these days you wonder what’s up or what’s down?

Readers here know that I’m bullish on Social Media, Social Advertising, and Social Everything when it comes to online marketing. I’ve been there from the beginning so I can say that Jason’s line about people knowing all the answers. No one knows. I’ve been doing R&D for three years in social media and even today it’s still wide open. No one has the answers. It’s evolving.

The only constant is the Internet – it is working and it is providing the utility in social media. The problem is that most successes happen by accident – that is experiments that have performed positively – aka “lucky strike”.

Social Media is like making a sauce – everyone can try but only talented marketers with the right ingredients can make it work. Additionally the infrastructure is changing at a platform level so the ROI answer is elusive but available.

I have been documenting many of my experiments of what works but there is no silver bullet. How to crack the code in Social Media. For insight into how to crack the code in Social Media Marketing check out this post that I wrote last week.

Social Media for marketers requires a certain understanding of the key dynamics of Web 2.0. For the dynamics in the Web 2.0 world check out this post that I wrote.

Of course Microcontent will be a big trend ….etc

There are some great people working on Social Media and Social Advertising models and soon we’ll see great results. I’m in agreement with Jason if you hear someone say that they have the answers start running for the hills.

For information on my research (which isn’t published) just sponsor this blog 🙂

Update: Jeremiah Owyang has a great post of the folks doing social media work in the corporate world. This list is very comprehensive. This is the list of folks doing the research or Marketing Engineering. It lists the companies doing the work (corporate companies). I like this list because I’ve worked with most of the folks on there and all are doing great work. The discovery of the secret sauce in social media is around the corner.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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