Microsoft Pouring Gas on Yang’s Fire

Microsoft release today is just another attempt to pour more gas on the Jerry Yang bonfire. Microsoft is betting that Yahoo shareholders will elect a friendly board or force internal war that will end up with Jerry losing his job.

Jerry has been under pressure for his job as CEO and the recent ‘heat’ will come not from Microsoft but from Icahn who is mounting a campaign to have a new board and ultimately a new CEO who will do the deal.

Given the liquidy problems of the market Icahn this is all about money. I’m for Yahoo to remain and compete.

Yang get some fire in the belly and compete will you.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

6 thoughts on “Microsoft Pouring Gas on Yang’s Fire”

  1. The challenge for Yang is that now he will be fighting his own troops. Although I agree Icahn is in this to turn 500,000,000 or so in a short period of time, he’s right that Yahoo is unlikely to see a 33+ share price for many years. I don’t think shareholders are going to be sympathetic to “hanging on” for blue sky promises.

  2. Hi John – this is the *real* Joseph Hunkins and I wrote the first comment but not the one about digant sharma. Looks like I’ve got a comment imposter here…


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