Hey Ballmer: Just Get the Ball in the End Zone Steve!

Microsoft sets the record straight on the Yahoo search only deal that has been covered over and over again here at Furrier.org and everywhere else in the blogosphere.

Microsoft makes it clear that they didn’t drop the hammer on Yahoo with a take and leave it deal. Microsoft is closing in and wants this deal so bad.

Come on Steve punch it home.! As they say in football Microsoft has been in the ‘red zone’ on this deal for a long time. It’s ugly one penalty after another. This is getting so bad we might need instant replay. Steve: Just get it in the endzone.

Here is text from their press release
Specifically, on Thursday afternoon, July 10, Mr. Bostock called Steve Ballmer’s office to arrange a call. On that subsequent call, Mr. Bostock told Mr. Ballmer that “with substantial guarantees on the table and an increase in the TAC (traffic acquisition cost) rate, there are the pillars of a search only deal to be done.” Mr. Bostock encouraged Mr. Ballmer to submit a new proposal to Yahoo! for a search-only deal reflecting these terms.

After considering Yahoo!’s request and taking into account Yahoo!’s previous feedback about our prior search proposal, Microsoft determined late Friday to propose an enhanced search transaction. This proposal included significant revenue guarantees, higher TAC rates, an equity investment and an option for Yahoo! to extend the agreement over a 10-year period.

Microsoft’s proposal did not include changes to Yahoo!’s governance.

At the time Microsoft submitted its enhanced proposal, Microsoft asked that Yahoo! confirm whether it would agree that the enhancements were sufficient to form the basis for the parties to engage in negotiations over the weekend on a letter of intent and more detailed term sheets. This discussion has been mischaracterized as a take it or leave it ultimatum, rather than a timetable in order to move forward to intensive negotiations. Yahoo! informed Microsoft on Saturday that it had rejected the proposal.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

4 thoughts on “Hey Ballmer: Just Get the Ball in the End Zone Steve!”

  1. Well the cat’s out of the bag!
    I have been in secret negotiations with Carl Ichan and his gang of seven since before Yahoo dumped us!
    People! You always have a back-up plan! Yahoo is all but mine! Come the next board meeting the old board (what’s left of them) will be ignobly ousted and me and Carl’s people will be installed! I told him:

    “Every last one of those freak’n yayhoos who tried to embarrass me must go or no deal! Especially Jerry Yang! When it comes time for the vote on him I want for you to personally hand me the microphone, I have a few choice words for that boy!”

    For those of you out there who doubted me, lambasted me, criticised me, lampooned me and called me that d@%% Monkey-boy! I say to you, “I forgive you! But I will never forget!”

    Those who still dare oppose me can eat my stained shorts!
    (I think this bunch may like that though, so I’ll leave a little something extra in them, ewe!)

  2. John

    Brilliant as usual. Bill was never much for sports analogies. They really drives the point home.

    A bunch of us here at the mv campus have set up a SharePoint node containing your posts, tweets, and such.

    You should really be running Microsoft or some other fortune 100 software or hardware company.

  3. msftinsider: i’m a radical and would love to run msft for a day.. i’d burn the village on search and take up the market.. msft has the nuclear weapons. Ever since the DOJ days msft competitive nuts have been chopped off. I think that it’s time to bring back the swagger. Google is vunerable because they don’t create an ecosystem around their profits. I have to say msft has always been about winning but making money for their partners. I don’t hear people say about Google “wow i make a ton of money building on the Google platform..” that is unless you’re a black hat SEO engine

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