Social Media Czars in Demand – Big Brands Need Help

Social media is in high demand. Don’t ask me (I’m baised of course) just read Brian Morrissey’s story in adweek. Brian has been wandering the social media woods for a while picking up the trends in what it all means. Bottom line: Big brands need direction and fast.

I’ve been consulting for some big brands over the past year since I left PodTech. It certainly is exciting. Some big changes happening around advertising not just PR. Online advertising will be more like TV ads but with keyword like measurement. The best of both worlds. I’ve uncovered some interesting success formulas for social media that I’ll be talking about soon, but for now I think Brian’s article hits a big point home…Big brands need to get busy and put the organizations in place.

Here are some gems from Brian’s story.

“They needed an internal evangelist, someone who can work within the company to bring all the disparate groups together..
The hiring of dedicated teams reflect the rising importance of social media in companies. Once thought of as an interesting new media channel, social media is increasingly seen as a catalyst for changing how companies operate. It points to a new corporate structure that favors open over closed, dialogue over monologue, and decentralized power over command and control.

“The biggest challenge is moving away from thinking about it as marketing and PR,” said Peter Kim, a Forrester Research analyst. “It’s about product development, it’s about IT. It’s got to cut across all functions of the company.”

Social-media experts are in high demand as companies attempt to figure out how to adapt how they talk to customers and even among themselves. Companies like Ford, Intel, Dell and Pepsi have concluded the best way to change is by bringing in a social-media czar to lead their strategy.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

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