XBox verses Playstation Console – Sony Gaining Ground

E3 is where the action is this week. Todd Bishop is live blogging it and so is Venturebeat.

At Microsoft’s briefing at E3
Don Mattrick comes on stage and runs through game sales stats, saying he feels confident in predicting that the Xbox 360 “will sell more consoles worlwide this generation than PlayStation 3.” I know from talking with Sony Computer Entertainment America executive Peter Dille last week that Sony has the opposite view. So it seems the rivalry — or at least the rhetoric — is getting more intense between the companies.

Sony is gearing up for big moves on multiple fronts. The PlayStation 3 outsold the Xbox 360 in the U.S. in the first five months of 2008 after trailing Microsoft’s console in 2007. New exclusive games, such as “Metal Gear Solid 4,” and the rise of Sony’s Blu-ray as the dominant high-definition DVD player may enable PlayStation 3 to hold onto its lead.

The console market is changing and segmenting. For the first time since the console launched, I really think there’s more reason to buy a PS3 than the 360,” said Todd Greenwald, an analyst at Signal Hill Capital Group in Baltimore.

The rivalry may heighten this week when console makers and game publishers gather for the E3 Business and Media Summit, an annual video-game trade show in Los Angeles. Sony plans to spotlight the PlayStation 3’s DVD capability and “Little Big Planet,” a social-networking game that can be played online through the two-year-old console.

Xbox is posturing and seems to worry but the timing for a price drop is very telling. I wonder if that is in response to Sony’s moves or a new Xbox coming.

Update: Cnet’s Geek Gestalt Daniel Terdiman has a great post on the Xbox event at E3 – to me it seems like all sizzle no steak.


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