Microsoft Showing Some Sizzle – Future Microsoft OS Not Windows

This story tickles the old software engineer side of me.  It is the perfect post to put the guiding vision out there.  Classic Microsoft.  I admit.  I love this post.   It is the perfect scenario for a non-windows world and Microsoft has to admit Windows is becoming less and less important.  It’s commodity.  The gold in the apps business is in the cloud.  So that is why this post is so compelling.

Microsoft has to kill their own franchise to maximize returns on the upcoming franchises of the future.  In short Microsoft needs to take a set new “hills”.   In watching the Hyper-V stuff, Live Mess or Mesh, and now this visionary future OS post, Microsoft has some hope.  Can the reorg and new team take the multiple “hills” to recreate the kind of success that they’ve seen in the past.

We’ll see but in the meantime getting software developers hard up for the next big thing is always good sizzle.  Not sure the steak is there or even around.

Microsoft Maps Out Migration From Windows
Internal documents reveal that Microsoft is carefully mapping out migration strategies to move customers from Windows to Midori, its planned legacy-free operating environment. Virtualization, and a composite application model that permits applications to be hosted by both OSes, are key to the strategy.

Midori Created With Heightened Security
Microsoft’s effort to design a next-generation operating system is projected to offer memory access
control, protect against privilege elevation attacks, and enforce
least-privilege computing.

The post is long and a good read here is the link to SD Times written by David Worthington.

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