Twitter’s Business Model – Real Time Alerts and Keywords

Ok way back when we had the tsunami, then the London bombing, and today earthquake in SoCal. Why does it take a disaster or potential disaster to wake up the masses.

Hey people Twitter is real or should I say the twitter’s value proposition is real. MG at Venturebeat has a post nailing the real time nature of Twitter. Big Biz Stone at Twitter opens the curtain to show us the stats (Biz we love stats – keep them coming).

What came out of the blue was David Dalka (one smart guy in Chicago) who brings in his perspective to the Twitter business model question.

David writes: “Graphs and/or alert spikes of user defined keywords – ie ones that are important to oneself personally or to one’s business or clients. I would dare to say this might actually be business model that could lead to meaningful monetization – I think alot of web services haven’t thought this through nearly enough. Organizing real-time data for useful decision making as a business model worked out OK for Michael Bloomberg if I recall correctly. Some might say Google Trends does this already from a search perspective, but it doesn’t break down the word clusters to core words with “sidekicks” and is not the leading indicator that Twitter is by an uncertain but definite time margin.”

The triple net is this: take MG’s post, Big Biz, and David’s and you have the Twitter business model. It’s a communication system about real-time but with asynchonous logging as well. It’s a data mining “quantjock’s” dream. Expect some real innovation around this new twist on Unified Communications.

That is why convergence is happening around presence and why I believe that the Unified Communications (covered on my other blog sector may be a pipe dream if presence paradigms like twitter continue to provide real time and non-linear value.

Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

7 thoughts on “Twitter’s Business Model – Real Time Alerts and Keywords”

  1. Thanks for noticing!

    As web 2.0 matures, hopefully boards and VC’s alike will be looking to bring in leaders with experience organizing and standardizing data and monetizing new types of revenue streams.

  2. Yes, this definitely sounds like a business model Twitter could use: it has people willing to broadcast news in real time and it can sell the information of trends in real time. The consumer I see here is news agencies but I have a suspicion that they will get tired of constantly being compared to Twitter and its rapid manner of breaking news and they will end up developing their own tools to track new events on Twitter to break and distribute news. And using Twitter API it is not supposed to be that difficult so probably no business model again as they will do it themselves without paying anything to Twitter.

  3. Am I the only person in the world that just doesn’t get Twitter? I think the boundaries for web 2.0 have been pushed to the point of pointlessness and with some ‘phenomenon’, it really is the case of The Emperors New Clothes. People jump on the bandwageon soley because it’s deemed popular.

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