Yahoo Launches Delicious 2.0 – Does Anyone Care?

Yahoo launched Delicious 2.0 according to Mike at Techcrunch this morning.

Loved this quote from Mike’s story with the founder who recently left Yahoo.. Mike writes ..“it’s too bad Delicious 2.0 couldn’t launch before founder Joshua Schachter left the company in frustration. I called Schachter to ask him what he has to say about the new launch. His response – “Good luck. I hope it goes well.”

Does anyone care? The first version was a hit with early adopters but just didn’t seem to cross over to mainstream like what Twitter has done. After Yahoo bought it things just went south.

My take is that Yahoo has to make this a mainstream easy to use service and integrate it into their core traffic stream.

I hope it goes well and the service gets better. I never used it after it launched. If it has better usability then I’ll get back on the bandwagon.

Update: lots of interest in this story.. Mathew Ingram has a great comment thread over on his blog worth checking out.

Overall I’m in general agreement with the sentiment that I never use or rarely look at bookmarks. It certainly isn’t the ideal form of navigation. However I think that “marking” stuff is a good data collector or feed creation mechanism for new intelligent engines being designed. See my Twitter Business Model post .. (note: the twitter post was a very targeted post and has some hidden gems in there – worth decoding)


Author: John

Entrepreneur living in Palo Alto California and the Founder of SiliconANGLE Media

9 thoughts on “Yahoo Launches Delicious 2.0 – Does Anyone Care?”

  1. I personally am surprised that Yahoo! hasn’t already integrated into it’s core search functionality or tried to monetize it in some way. I mean even running ads on their site would have been something. (Hello! Contextually relevant much?)

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